Landscaping Company Names: 351+ Best Landscaping Business Names Ideas

Going to set up a landscaping company and looking for unique Landscaping Company Names? Take a quick tour of this blog and help yourself to come up with some great name ideas; because here, we will guide you through not only how to create unique names but also how to make that names attractive and alluring for customers.

A landscaping company undertakes many job roles, for instance, right from hedging, fall or spring maintenance, protecting the lawn, lawn bed maintenance to mulching, regulating irrigation system, seasonal display of the lawn, etc; overall every small or big thing related to landscape is handled by such company.

The market of the landscaping industry is a profitable one, and a successful contract can fetch you a profit margin of 15 percent to 45 percent. More than 5 lacks employees work in this industry helping it to generate an annual revenue of nearly 53 billion US dollars.

Therefore, the successful completion of a few contracts can help you make a nice profit in this field but for that, you need to stand out and make your customers recognize your company by choosing some engaging and catchy Landscaping Company Names ideas.

Here, we have prepared some facts that will guide you to create such names. Take a look.

Landscaping Company Names

  • Fast Grass
  • Landscapes USA
  • Perfect Landscaping
  • Lawn Impact
  • Landscaping Today
  • Succulent Soil
  • Peach Tree
  • Landscape Pros
  • Greener Cityscapes
  • Artistree Landscapers
  • Blue Irrigation
  • Allscapes
  • Gardeners, Inc
  • Aroma Landscaping
  • The Green Sage
  • Garden Expert
  • Heavenly Gardens
  • Ace Lawn Care
  • Greenserve Solutions
  • Greenways
  • Precision Lawn Care
  • Lucky Grassland
  • Elkhorn Lawn Care
  • Flowering Gardeners
  • Landscaping Solutions Inc: Assure all the potential clients out there of solutions who are finding it difficult to give their landscape a nice view by opting for name suggestions like this.

New Landscaping Company Names Ideas

  • King of the Lawn
  • Extravagance Landscaping
  • Lawn World
  • A to Z Lawn Care
  • Power Plants
  • Accelerate Lawns
  • Expert Landscaping LLC
  • Emerald Green
  • Butter Lawn
  • Blue Sky Lawns
  • Lawn Care Pace
  • Seasons West
  • Goldscapes By Geoff
  • Herbal Ivy
  • Cut Masters
  • Tips from Sandra
  • Green grass
  • Easy Greenery
  • Flexible Tree Service
  • Landscape FX
  • Naturescape
  • Garden Masters
  • Roofpetals Landscapes
  • The Foliage Group
  • Clover Landscaping
  • Creative Landscaping: Just as the name suggests itself, this creative name idea will help you convince your customers of the creative landscaping skills that your company offers.

Catchy Landscaping Company Names

  • Natural Beauty
  • Ace Lawn Care
  • Exterior Spaces
  • L&L Landscapes
  • Highway Light
  • Ultimate Lawn Care
  • Empower Landscaping
  • Vintage Landscaping
  • Topiary Gardeners
  • Garner Growth
  • Pines Landscaping
  • Master Mowers Inc
  • Huntergreen
  • Green Lily Garden
  • Beauti-Lawn
  • Lovely Landscapes
  • Swift Landscaping
  • Green Landscaping
  • Best Lawns
  • Young Landscaping
  • Landscape Solved
  • The Seeds
  • Laceys Green Thumb
  • Better Yards
  • Urban Landscaping: Turn the eyes of all the modern-aged customers who like to keep everything in an urban way towards you, through such cool and modern name ideas.

Landscape Business Names

  • Herb Landscaping
  • Abundant Lawns
  • Prime Cuts
  • Blade Runners
  • Snowy Landscaping
  • Best Buds
  • Allgood Outdoors
  • Landscape FX
  • Modern Landscaping
  • Synscapes
  • Royal Gardens
  • Grass Bandits
  • Delightful Landscaping
  • Lawn & Order
  • Positive Plantings
  • Healthy Roots
  • Dirtworks
  • Tropical Landscaping
  • Integra Lawns
  • Artistic Gardens
  • Sharp Edges
  • Growing Concern
  • Gardeners Inc
  • Western Landscape
  • US Lawns
  • Live Green Harvest
  • Green Landscaping: Help your targeted customers find your company quickly and easily with this soothing, earthly, and relevant name idea.

Unique Landscaping Company Names

  • Turf Masters
  • Planted Performance
  • Lawns of Texas
  • Blossoming Gardens
  • Pure Solutions
  • Urbanmotive
  • Beautiful Greens
  • Green Life Group
  • Lotus Landscaping
  • Aesthetic Landscaping
  • Proscape Turf
  • Blissful Yards
  • Frank’s Landscape
  • Endless Vistas
  • Common Grounds
  • Price Landscaping
  • Unity Landscaping
  • Green-Scene
  • Artistic Landscaping Co
  • Yard Smart
  • Sunny Landscaping
  • Costa landscaping
  • Royal Ace
  • Natural Landscaping
  • Nature’s Treasures

Funny Landscaping Company Names

  • Sunshine Lawn Care
  • Lawnscapes
  • Landscape Genius
  • Yard Works Inc
  • Rulers Of Lawns
  • Epic Landscape
  • 4 Seasonal Call
  • Balmy Gardens
  • Careful Cutters
  • Colorful Scenes
  • R & M Greens
  • Skyline Landscaping
  • Grasseaters
  • Designed Scenery
  • Lawns Unlimited
  • Nature Scapes
  • Gardeners Delight
  • Purple Adorn
  • Smart Soil Solutions
  • Wood Ethos
  • Queen Bee Lawn
  • Las Vegas Botanical
  • Lawn Rangers Inc.
  • Yard Designs
  • Sharp Lawn
  • Natural Choices Inc
  • Landscape Pros: Make your clients believe in your capabilities, creativities, and experiences with such an exceptional name suggestion.

Landscaping Company Name Generator

  • Peaceful Acres
  • Homegrown Landscapes
  • Price Landscaping
  • Gardening firm
  • Gardening Work
  • AC Yard Services
  • A+ Grassy Meadow
  • Lighted Landscape
  • Home & Garden Services
  • The Lawn Rangers
  • Greener Locations
  • Allgood Outdoors
  • Lawn Genie
  • Smart Lawn Care
  • Landscaping Gems
  • Pure Solutions
  • Queen Bee Lawn
  • Yard Master
  • Mowing Mastery
  • Curb Masters
  • Love Mowing
  • Earthworks Landscaping
  • Prime Cuts
  • Greta’s Landscaping
  • Veteran Lawn Care

How Can You Choose The Best Landscaping Company Names?

If you are an amateur in the naming field, then creating a company name initially may seem a hard job for you; as you must create a name that is unique as well attractive. A name that will help you turn the people in your favor and make your company a stand-out one. Try to apply these specific facts that we have listed down for creating such names.

  1. Opt For A Stylish Logo: Take the professional’s help and design a brand logo and then use the logo as a promoting tool among potential customers. A logo helps the customers recognize your brand from afar and choose you over many others at the same time.
  2. Take Help From Others: You can think of making your Landscaping Company Name ideas more innovative by listening to others’ thoughts. Ask for sharing opinions from your close relatives or friends.
  3. Go For A Trademark: Not just giving your landscaping company a proper name, but securing the name too falls under your responsibility. Protect it from any illegal use by trademarking it and opting for its copyright.
  4. Pen A Tagline: Write a trendy and catchy slogan (tagline) that will go around in people’s mouths making it a talking point in the market, thus triggering the popularity of your company.


Q) What Is A Good Business Name For Landscaping?

>> All names are good but it depends on the company, whether the name is suitable for that particular company or not. And thus for representing a landscaping business, you should go for a name that is attractive, catchy, and unique as well as meaningful and has the potential of promoting the brand with a positive approach.

Q) How Do I Choose A Landscaping Business Name?

>> Choosing a perfect name for a landscaping business is a tricky job unless you choose wisely. Make sure the name you select is easy to read and remember, nice to hear, short and meaningful, and most importantly, is capable of representing your company’s goal to the customers.

Q) How Do You Name A Landscaping Company?

>> There are a few steps that you need to follow for completing the naming procedure of a landscaping company. First, select a suitable name, find its trademark availability, and apply for its copyright. And after checking all the details the authority will provide you with the copyright of the name. Thus you can name the company.

Q) What Are Some Good Names For A Landscaping Company?

>> There are plenty of good names available that you can select for naming a landscaping company. A good name has the characteristics of impressing clients at the first go and turning them into long-time loyal customers.

Examples of such names are Landscape Pros, Urban Landscaping, etc; take a peek into our landscaping company names part for more inspiration. So check out those collections lists and pick your best name from our list.

  • Lush Landscaping
  • Fresh Cut Greens
  • Landscaping Services
  • Early Risers
  • Landscape Designs
  • Yard House
  • Garden Designers Inc
  • Nevada Scapes
  • Sweet Pea Gardener
  • Pure Solutions
  • Parker Landscaping
  • Lawn & Tree
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Gorgeous Swan
  • All American Yards
  • Joys Of Greens
  • Yardman Cuttings
  • Nature Spice Gardening
  • Green Lawns
  • Greenery And Peace
  • Backyard Services
  • The Green Gardener
  • Acres Group
  • Landscaping Works
  • Grass Gone Wild

Q) What Should I Name My Landscaping Business?

>> When you are in the process of naming your landscaping business you must choose it considering some aspects of the name, namely whether the name is a suitable one or not; if it is relevant to the service you are offering; is the name is easily memorable, etc as all these can greatly affect the customers’ reach.

Q) What Is The Best Name For A Landscaping Company?

>> You can turn your chosen name into the best landscaping company name by making it simple and sweet. Any name turns out the best when the name relates to the company and helps the clients to recognize the company effortlessly. Look at our name suggestion section for such examples.

  • Earth Design
  • Insert Landscapers
  • The Real Lawns Inc
  • Blade Runners
  • Wild Landscapers
  • Countryside Lawns
  • Plant the Seed Landscapers
  • The Lawn Fairy
  • Garden Company
  • Tiffany’s Landscape
  • Perez Landscaping
  • Garden Designers
  • Tropical Landscaping
  • Universal Landscapers
  • Advantage Lawn Care
  • Clean Air Lawn Care
  • Young Landscaping
  • Landscaper Bois
  • Landscape Masters
  • Adams Landscaping
  • Plantula Landscaping
  • Weed Out Landscapers
  • Sense The Peace
  • One Two Tree
  • Wilt’s Landscaping

Q) How Do You Come Up With A Landscaping Company Name?

>> Coming up with a catchy landscaping company name can be a challenging job unless you take the help of some tactics. Try brainstorming creative name ideas by reading mythological stories, listening to motivational speeches, watching successful journeys of great personalities, etc; you can also go for a foreign name.

Landscaper Names Ideas

  • Paragon Landscaping
  • Exterior Spaces
  • Landscaper’s Bush
  • Landscape Designers
  • Greenery Scenery
  • Yard Art Landscapers
  • Supergreen Landscape
  • Morella Gardening
  • Frank’s Landscape
  • Chateau Garden Design
  • Landing Scapes
  • Garden Design Magic
  • Tall And Huge Trees
  • Green Gardeners
  • Queen Bee Lawn
  • Seasonal Vision
  • Landscaping Point
  • Hunts Landscaping
  • Plantation’s Patio
  • Landscaping Trading
  • Garden Design Magic
  • Urban Landscapers
  • Big Apple Yards
  • Opulence Landscaping
  • Morning Glory
  • Creative Landscaping

Clever Landscaping Company Names

  • Earthly Tracts Ltd
  • Bungle In The Jungle
  • Plant the Seed
  • Landscaping Designers
  • Safari Lawn Care
  • Amazin’ Grazing
  • Tallest Trees
  • Black Tie Gardening
  • Shades And Shelters
  • Boulder Designs
  • Efficient Landscapers
  • Bio Lawn
  • Wonderful Landscaping
  • VIP Lawn Care
  • Greenfest Plantings
  • Flaming Flamingo
  • Top Garden Team
  • Greenridge Landscape
  • Southern Spray
  • Hazeltine Nurseries
  • Integrity Gardens
  • Ancient Landscapers
  • Amazing landscaping
  • Landscape Tours

Best Names For Landscaping Company

  • Lush Landscapes
  • Pioneer Land Service
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Acres Group
  • All Seasons Gardening
  • Horticulture Designers
  • Buds Landscaping
  • Barbara Landscape
  • Adequate Group
  • Aroma Landscaping
  • Clove Landscaping
  • Landscaping Aroma
  • Earth Design
  • Viewpoints Landscapes
  • Balsam Blossom
  • Beautiful Gardeners
  • Bella Scapes
  • Old Forest
  • Landscaping Ltd
  • Vegas Valley Greens
  • Thistle Turf Mowing Services
  • Flores Landscaping
  • Landscaping Iva
  • Landscape Escape
  • Landscape Gems LLC


Now that you have read all the important facts and tips for naming a company, we hope you will be able to apply these strategies in finding a great Landscaping Company Name for your company on your own. All you have to do is consider the name’s value and power in keeping the clients glued to your company. We thank you for staying with us and reading this blog exclusively; here you go, all the best.

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