Cleaning Company Names: 260+ Unique Names For Cleaning Business

Looking for some Cleaning Company Names? Well, you are in the right place. One of the promising businesses has become now the cleaning industry and with the wake of the deadly pandemic in 2020, namely Coronavirus, the market size of this industry had estimated at nearly 56 million dollars and is expected to cross over almost 112000 million dollars by the end of 2030. So if you are thinking of practicing your luck opening a cleaning company, then you are right around the corner.

Cleaning has a deep relation with our daily life, right from our body to our living place and working place, everywhere for a healthy and peaceful living, cleaning plays an important role. Cleaning makes our life easy and fresh.  Sanitizing the working complexes, homes, and office premises reduces the chance of falling ill that the deadly germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. pose and they are everywhere.

Cleaning companies always try their best for prioritizing the need of their clients. They never compromise on the quality and technology of cleaning tools. Every successful cleaning company has teams that are experts in the field and have several years of experience, for offering the clients the best services. The work includes visiting the concerned area, talking with the clients in person, sorting out the problem of uncleanliness, and suggesting the best solution.

After the recent break out of covid-19, people have been conscious regarding being hygienic more than ever, so this is the ideal time for opening your cleaning company. Just thinking about opening a cleaning company will not do it, there are several things that are needed to be done before officially inaugurating your company; the foremost thing is selecting unique and good cleaning company names idea.

So just take a look.

Cleaning Company Names

There are some collections of the best names for cleaning companies.

  • Dream Clean
  • Bonny Maid
  • Divine Service
  • Sparkling Clean
  • The Gleam Team
  • Patriot Maid
  • Home Orderlies
  • Dust Bunnies
  • Floor to Ceiling
  • Perfectionism
  • Foulest Washed
  • Top Priority
  • Made in America
  • Helping Hands
  • Your Bright Home
  • Perfect Clean
  • We’ve Got Maids!
  • The Cleaning Bee

Unique Cleaning Business Names

Here are some collections of unique and catchy names for cleaning businesses.

  • Rescue Maid
  • Expert Cleaning
  • Helping Hands
  • Perfectionism
  • Always Sparkling
  • Cleaning Bees
  • Love Cleaning
  • Brothers Cleaners
  • Green Glove
  • Dense Scour
  • Dust Buddies
  • Surplus Service
  • Organic Cleaners
  • Works For You
  • Tarsus Service
  • Unblemished
  • Extreme Clean
  • Poor Scouring

Cleaning Company Names

Good Cleaning Company Names

In this section are the good and top cleaning company names suggestions.

  • Feather Lady
  • Selfless System
  • Sunshine Maids
  • Secret Serving
  • Cardinal Maids
  • Helping Hands
  • Based Overhauling
  • Best Sweepers
  • Dependable Cleaners
  • Home Taskforce
  • Trinity Cleaning
  • Northern Crossbred
  • Empire Services
  • Extreme Clean
  • Housekeeper Plus
  • Maid to Order
  • Bright & Beautiful

Funny Cleaning Company Names

There are some collections of funny and cute cleaning company name ideas.

  • Executive Touch
  • Hazel Chaparral
  • Infinity Concern
  • Maids to Help
  • Spotless Cleaning
  • Sparkling Clean
  • Squeaky Pristine
  • Executive Cleanse
  • Cleaning Delight
  • Earnest Service
  • Semidesert Scrub Up
  • Magical Maids
  • The Cleaning Bee
  • Immaculate Cleaning
  • Angels at Home
  • Sweep Cleaning
  • The Cleaning Fairies

House Cleaning Business Names

Here you can find some collections of horse cleaning business name ideas.

  • Maids by Trade
  • Ready Set Clean
  • Maid Green
  • Unblemished Clean
  • Clean Freedom
  • Uplift Cleaning
  • Crystal Clear
  • Ambition Cleaning
  • Many Maids
  • Bright Dreams
  • Reflections Cleaners
  • Clean Berets
  • Fergus Service
  • Shine the Queen
  • Clean Works
  • Rainbow Cleaners
  • Dust to Shine

Cleaning Company Names

Catchy Names For Cleaning Business

There are some collections of the best and cool names for cleaning businesses.

  • Twinkle Time
  • Insect Eradicator
  • Greener Cleaner
  • Clean Queen
  • Capitol Cleaning
  • Clean Power
  • Person Service
  • Home Orderlies
  • Excellent Maids
  • New View Cleaners
  • Magic Moppers
  • Executive Cleaning
  • Due Diligence
  • Green Envy Maids
  • Hygiene Machine
  • The Soap Team Inc.
  • Not Just Dust
  • Lean Clean Machine

Boat Cleaning Business Names

Here are some collections of boat cleaning business names suggestions.

  • Perfect Clean
  • Save Your Stress
  • Wall2Wall Washers
  • Purple Elephant
  • Cleaning Master
  • Commercial Clean
  • Mighty Maids
  • Squeaky Cleaners
  • Cool Penguins
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Clean Corner
  • A2Clean Maid Service
  • Naval Overhaul
  • Millennium Maid
  • Masterful Myriad
  • ServiceMaster Clean
  • You Have It Maid

Cleaning Company Names Idea

There are collections of the best and catchy cleaning company name ideas.

  • Best Maids
  • Fresh Tech Maid
  • Budget Home Care
  • Dusting Akin
  • Patient Scrubbed
  • Liquid Brush
  • Pristine Cleaning
  • Tidy Lottery
  • Cleaning Authority
  • Dust Busters
  • Polished Cleansed
  • A Sparkle Home
  • Greet Cleanse
  • A New View Cleaners
  • Sage Sponge Down

Cleaning Company Names

Cleaning Services Names

Here are collections of best and catchy cleaning services company names.

  • Action Maids
  • Clifton Cleaners
  • Cleaning Crew
  • Cleaning Feelings
  • Flawlessly Clean
  • Regular Serve
  • Partners in Grime
  • Continental Cleaners
  • Heaven Broom
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Spotless Enrichment
  • Helping Hands
  • The Satisfactory
  • A Master’s Touch
  • Cursive Service
  • Happy Clean Home
  • Starter Cleaning
  • Lulu’s Cleaning

Cleaning Company Names In Dubai

There are some collections of Dubai cleaning company names.

  • Cleaning Salvage
  • Infinity Concern
  • The Adequate
  • Shiny Degrees
  • Clean and Shine
  • The Green Maid
  • Squat Cleanly Pro
  • Super Maids
  • Rocky Cleansed
  • We’ve Got Maids!
  • Crest Cleaners
  • The Thorough
  • Clifton Cleaners
  • Cleaners Honor
  • Top Priority
  • Spotless Cleaning
  • Home Taskforce

Cleaning Company Names In India

Here are some collections of the best cleaning company names in India.

  • Scanty Sweep
  • Cleanse Cottage
  • Clean Portsmouth
  • Green Glove
  • Cleanse Cottage
  • Thorough Washing
  • Lulu’s Cleaning
  • Capitol Cleaning
  • Master Green
  • Revolution Cleaners
  • Flourished Floors
  • Invaluable Avail
  • Sparkling Cool
  • Cleaning Cluster
  • Excellent Maids
  • Cleaning Break
  • Maids on the Run
  • Advanced Washers

Cleaning Company Names

Cleaning Company Names In Australia

Here you can find some collections of the best and good cleaning company names in Australia.

  • Cleaner Corral
  • True Blue House
  • Subalpine Brush
  • Ceiling Service
  • Vacuum Wizards
  • The Cleaning Fairy
  • Cleaning Bees
  • Clean Conscience
  • Supreme Klenev
  • Supreme Sparkle
  • Maid in Heaven
  • Maxim Cleaning
  • Freedom Clean
  • Cleaning with Soul
  • Chalkboard Cleanable

Cleaning Company Name Generator

There are some collections of the best and unique cleaning company name generators.

  • Cleaning Thinks
  • Revolution Cleaners
  • Clean Insanity
  • Broom With A Clue
  • Personal Touch
  • The Low Crossbred
  • Minute Maids
  • Housekeeping Viking
  • Meticulous Maids
  • Short Scrub Brush
  • Storm Housekeeping
  • Concurrent Cleanup
  • Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
  • Sparkling Homes
  • Naval Overhauling

Cleaning Company Names

How To Name Your Cleaning Company?

Finding a unique name for a new cleaning company can sometimes feel just like finding a needle in the bush. This can get really tough at some point, and for this reason here are some important things discussed that may help you find your perfect one.

Read Inspirational Articles:

If you are struggling with finding a good name that is not coming to your mind that easily, you can just lay back and look for some motivational articles. Read articles or watch inspirational videos of successful business persons who had started it from scratch and now are ruling the market.

This will help your mind breathe fresh and become more creative about finding cleaning company names.

Research Well:

Having a good knowledge about the field in which you are doing business assists you in predicting all the possible pros and cons of a taken decision. And for choosing cleaning company names too, it will prove beneficial.

So for having a sound knowledge of the cleaning industry research well regarding the market growth, and stories of other successful cleaning companies.

Think Of A Tagline:

Just giving a unique and attractive name is not enough to woo your clients. Further, just giving only the name of your company will leave an empty rack for the tagline; so why do that!

Fill the whole place with some exciting tagline that will act as a supportive tool for the given company name as well as for wooing clients.

Go For Positivity:

Choose names that are positive in words. So that, while clients will say it, positivity will work on their minds. A positive word has the power to change circumstances in favor of it and people goes through all sort of obstacles all through their life, a positive name and tagline will fill their hard times with some hope and this will be good for gaining customers.

Draw A Logo:

Do not just sit back if you are done with finalizing cleaning company names. Use your creativity in making an official logo for your cleaning company, or you can simply hire some expert for getting it done. A logo helps in representing and publicizing your company without displaying your company name.

A logo makes sure that your company reaches every corner of the world.

Know What Others Think:

Getting feedback from others on what you are thinking or what you have finalized as your cleaning company names will continuously guide you to reach your goal. Keeping aside all the hesitation, ask your friends and family members what they think.

Get Your Copyright Done:

If you think you have found the perfect name for your cleaning company, then without any delay start the procedure of registering it. Trademarking the name of your company will give you, solely the copyright power over the name and no one in the whole world will be able to illegally use it for their benefit.


Q. Can a Cleaning Company Logo Just Be a Name?

Ans)>> A logo and a name are not the same things. The name is needed for every purpose and especially for registering the company, however, the logo is for giving your company a unique identity along with the name, for reaching out to the maximum number of possible customers.

Q. How Do I Know If My Cleaning Business Name Is Already Taken?

Ans)>> Once you go through the registering process after finalizing your cleaning company name, and you enter the selected name for trade marking, if the name is already in use, you will be notified on the screen for trying another name as it is already taken.

Q. Should I Copyright My Cleaning Company Logo?

Ans)>> Yes, this is the most important task after finalizing a name for your cleaning company.


In this article, all the possible important things that should be remembered while going for cleaning company names are given at the best possible level, so before selecting any for your cleaning company just go through it.

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