587+ Upcycling Business Names Ideas That Stands Out

Starting an upcycling business then you need some clever upcycling business names. Also, this ultra-modern 21st century can surprisingly become a profitable one if only you know how to give it a catchy name.

The name is the very first thing that your customers will see before completely exploring your business. And hence, it holds great importance to pick a suitable and catchy name for upcycling business.

The sense of fashion is gradually changing among people, and with this, the trend of wearing or using recycled things is getting a thumbs up globally.

Thus the upcycling business industry is also getting a fixed stand in the global business market, valuing nearly 275 billion US dollars at present.

Therefore, well-thought and attractive upcycling business name ideas can help you gain good customer traffic. However, if you are new to this thing, you can use this article as your guide.

Here, we are going to provide not only a handful of tips for making good, meaningful names but also many useful name suggestions.

So do not skip and go all the way down.

Upcycling Business Names

  • Upcycle Nation: This name suggestion will help you urge your fellow citizens to opt for recycled items instead of buying new things as much as possible. This way, you can promote both green Earth and your business.
  • Upcycling Factory
  • Creative Reuse
  • Green Planet Upcycles
  • Upcycle Depot
  • Reclaim and Renew
  • Planet Green Recycling
  • Upcycle Nation
  • Upcycling Unlimited
  • Diamonds On Ice
  • Kingston Council
  • Upcycling Empowered
  • Sealed Air
  • ReInvent Furniture
  • Trash Matters
  • Recreated Resources
  • Upcycle Goldmine
  • Capricorn Owl
  • Reinvented Refurbishment
  • Upcycleista: A business name should be rare and unique so that people think your work is creative—and here is one of many like these unique name suggestions.

Upcycling Business Name Ideas

  • Upcycled Styling: Let your potential customers know that the products recycled at your place are not just ordinary dull items but have their own stylish avatars with this name idea.
  • King Salvage
  • The Upcycled House
  • Antick Hut Antiques
  • Upcycling Experience
  • Eco-Awareness
  • Vintage Rust
  • Furniture Upcycled
  • Artful Things
  • Dreamy Furniture
  • Reuse Anywhere
  • Eco Reclaimed
  • The Green Guru
  • Square Box Rec
  • Hand Finished
  • Beautiful Wood
  • Junk in the Trunk
  • Dreamy Designs
  • Recycled Luxe
  • Bronze Age Furniture
  • Recycled Luxe: A sophisticated touch to your business name can greatly change your customers’ opinions and make them check your place out.

Upcycling Business Names.1

Clever Names For Upcycling Business

  • Utopian Upcycling: Just like the word ‘utopia’ provides a picture of something surrealistic, convince your clients that your business crafts are nothing less than that through this name example.
  • Designer Makeover
  • Furniture Ninja
  • Diamonds On Ice
  • Artisan Upholstery
  • Beautiful Dents
  • Old Eclatic
  • Bespoke Interiors
  • Retro Gallery
  • The Golden Triangle
  • Upcycle Republic
  • Re-Creation Station
  • Factorials Household
  • Better Old Times
  • Upcycling the World
  • Upcycleista
  • The Honest Recycler
  • United Recycling Seattle
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Upcycle Depot: Some people like open and big stores. And to get their attention, you can simply use such words that will resemble your business outlet area, just like this one.

Catchy Upcycling Brand Names

  • Ray’s Recycling: Using initials or surnames as a business name is nothing new. If your name or Initials have the power to catch your customer’s eye, then you can definitely go for this name suggestion.
  • Fix My Furniture
  • Revolutionize Reuse
  • Fabulous Finds
  • Ethically Upcycled
  • May Prairie Furniture
  • Old Stuff To New
  • Vintage Finds
  • Green Craftsmen
  • Creative Reuse
  • Designing Fashion
  • Novelty Remakes
  • Furniture Rescue Center
  • Reupholstered Classics
  • Let’s Upcycle
  • Pratt Industries
  • Metro Retro Furniture
  • Re-Create Reuse
  • Exquisitely Recycled
  • Eco Upcycling: Help people to get an idea about your service as well as your purpose for doing such business. And a name idea like this can be just ideal.

Furniture Upcycling Business Names

  • The Upcycler: Simple name idea like this helps customers to directly explore your business without wasting much of their time. In this way, they can easily understand what service you are offering to them.
  • Upcycle Depot
  • Vintagerivets
  • Unique Wood Decors
  • Reusable Home Decor
  • King of Retro
  • Paper Chase International
  • Awaken Star
  • Antique Restoration Company
  • Creative Nerds
  • Upcycle Nation
  • Tech Recycle
  • Eco Cycle Company
  • Vintage Finds
  • Refurbish Empowered
  • Upcycle Me Up
  • Vintage Remodeling
  • Without Waste
  • Paint Charmers
  • The Collective Inc
  • Rustic Recyclers: Name ideas like this that define a particular area or place; usually help in getting the most out of local customers, eventually turning them into your loyal ones.

Modern Upcycling Business Name Generator

  • Recyclique: Creating a name by mixing two different words is a new way of attracting customers. Here the name is a combination of ‘recycle’ and ’boutique’ and is both creative and meaningful.
  • Glittered Grits
  • Upcycle Universe
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Respectfully Restored
  • Ethically Upcycle
  • Recycling Lives
  • Let’s Upcycle
  • Unbelievable Changes
  • Green Arabia
  • Green Alternatives
  • Madbrad Vinyl
  • Recycling Nation
  • Ancient Treasures
  • Antix Grid
  • Clean Harbors
  • Decorating On A Dime!
  • The Art Box

How Can You Make Your Upcycling Business Names Unique & Claver?

The success of every business starts with the name. The more beautiful and catchy the name is, the more people will know about it. However, the process of finding such suitable and meaningful upcycling business names is not an easy journey.

It requires patience and creativity. And to make your name-finding journey smooth, here are some tips and facts that you need to keep in mind while naming your business –

  1. >> Go for a logo: A well-design logo will come in handy in advertising your upcycling business digitally. Apart from this, it will also help you create a separate image in the marketplace as well as among your customers.
  2. >> Ask others: Feedback is very much helpful in this regard. Besides your friends and colleagues, you can also ask for opinions regarding your selected business name from your neighbors or customers for an honest review.
  3. >> A tagline can be helpful: Using a matching tagline with the business name can shoot up your business’s likeability among your customers and gain you new customer lead. Make sure the tagline is relevant to your business.
  4. >> Deliver a message: Choose words that can be used to deliver a strong message to society for the betterment of the environment. It will help you get people’s attention; also, you will be able to contribute towards social changes.
  5. >> Trademark it: Once you are done finalizing your business name, go for trademarking it without any delay. Registering the name will help you get its copyright and will bar others from using it for their benefit.

Also here we have provided some catchy and new collections list. Let’s check out.

Upcycling Company Name Ideas

  • Ace Upcycling: Using words like ‘ace’ indicates the supreme quality of anything. Thus, you can also use your business name to represent the quality and standard of the work you do.
  • Furni-Fixit
  • Up Cycleables
  • Re-Generation Supply
  • What You Have?
  • Global Plastics
  • Palette Perfection
  • New Again
  • Shake Up Recycling
  • Thrive Dimension
  • Pepe’s Thrifty Furniture
  • Re-Fashioned Futures
  • Aveda Sharjah
  • Eco Earth Recycling
  • Charming Chairs
  • Recycle Rise Co
  • Prime Beam
  • Handmade Redesign
  • Wood Art Studio
  • Super Upcycle Mart
  • Upcycling Obsessive

Furniture Flipping Business Names

  • Upcycling Crafts & More: Pick up a name that will not only act as your business representative tool but also create curiosity in your customer’s minds.
  • Upcycle This!
  • An Orange Moon
  • Midtown Ancient
  • At Your Disposal
  • The Eco Innovators
  • Rustic Beauty
  • Urban Revivalists
  • Woodstock Woodcrafts
  • Madbrad Vinyl
  • Darksabre Vinyl
  • Creative Revivals. ​
  • Ultra-Modern Upcycles
  • Retro Boutique
  • Cosmic Peace
  • RefurbishFlexi
  • Retro Gallery
  • Pittsburg Works
  • ReviveDesigns

Creative Upcycling Business Names

  • Recycling Lives: Such a name idea can be used to deliver a strong, hidden message to society that using recycled things is to contribute towards having a more sustainable life in many ways.
  • Be The Change
  • All-Star Vinyl
  • Greygod Furniture
  • Vintage Rags
  • Boarded Up Interiors
  • Rays Renewed Antiques
  • Up Converters
  • Big Red Barns Co︎
  • Allied Waste Mgmt.
  • Terra Cycle Europe
  • Revolution Alize
  • Mid-Town Vintage
  • Creative Re-Use
  • Green Valley Recycling
  • A Seattle Towing
  • Prescott Furniture
  • Nature Bound
  • Best Clearance

Scrap Business Names

  • SuperoPheric
  • French Curious Remakes
  • Smart Transform
  • Attic4Change
  • JoyBox Design
  • Fine Recycle LLC
  • Metallic Inc.
  • Holistic Alters
  • Vintage House
  • Surrey Recycling
  • Yankee Yard Upcycling
  • Eco Elegance
  • Positive Vision
  • Enlightened Cloud
  • Junk Hunters
  • Green Cycle Genius Corp
  • Good Imagination
  • Green Grease
  • Urban Smith Furniture

Unique Upcycling Shop Names

  • Classy Upcycling: Elevate your place among your competitors as well as mark it in your customers’ minds by picking such a standard and classy name.
  • Vintage Age
  • Recycling Nation
  • Prescott Furniture
  • Antique Curves
  • Apollon Furniture
  • Red Sunshine
  • Upcycled For You
  • The Upholstered House
  • Alpha Oracle
  • Worth To Waste
  • Vintage Vases
  • Re Materialize
  • Junk & Demolition
  • Timeless Classics
  • Upcycling Culture
  • Sporting Bricks
  • Upcycle for Good
  • Black Hollow Vinyl
  • Nifty Thrifty


Well, you have reached the bottom. We are hopeful that all the shared information here will help you in picking up your perfect upcycling business names.

Simple and short names are always the best preferred as these attract customers’ eyes real quick and stay in their minds for a long time as well.

So, as long as your chosen name is customer friendly, relevant to your business, and easy to understand, you are on the right track. Happy naming!

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