278+ Umbrella Company Names Ideas and Brand Name Suggestions

Starting your own umbrella company but have not figured out a name yet? Do not worry, this article is going to help you out all through the tactics that you need to come up with some nice and attractive Umbrella Company Names; because a perfect name can have a great impact on your brand’s reputation.

An umbrella which is also known as a parasol is a hand-held portable tool that people use for protecting themselves from the sun or the rain. Although umbrellas (used for protecting one from the sunlight) and parasols (used from saving one from the rain) are two different things depending on their using purpose, it is now commonly addressed as only umbrellas.

Umbrella has gone through several evolutions in design and shape since its creation and is such a thing that people are going to use always irrespective of generation, eras, or ages. The international umbrella market growth is anticipated by the experts to be around 7 billion US dollars in the year 2025.

Hence, opening an umbrella company following effective business strategies would be a profitable one. So give this article a thorough read without any skip for getting some of the best, good, catchy, unique umbrella company names which will help you thrive in your business generating customers at maximum.

So just take a look.

Umbrella Company Names

Umbrella Warriors: (Umbrellas are nothing less than warriors in terms of their responsibilities of protection from sun and rain, hence this name will act for the quality of your company.)

  • Umbrella Protectors
  • Shadow Lenses
  • Buzz Sunrise
  • Umbrella Sale Auction
  • Square One
  • Unhooked Umbrella
  • Shady Frames
  • Sun Umbrella Mania
  • Specs Appeal
  • Next-Gen Umbrella
  • Rainbow Shades
  • Red Umbrella Stamp
  • Umbrella Hut
  • Brave Umbrella
  • Seasonal Glares
  • Glamour In Umbrellas
  • Spunky FramGr
  • Sunrise Rainstorm
  • Stunning Glares
  • Angel’s Umbrella
  • Umbrella Solutions
  • Au Petite Bonnet
  • Expedition Traditions

Umbrella Company Name Ideas

Brave Umbrella: (The word ‘brave’ here represents the longevity of your company-produced umbrellas making it a relatable name.)

  • Rasta Umbrellas
  • Galaxy Umbrella
  • Next Gen Umbrella
  • Forever Fad
  • Bad Ass Umbrella
  • Bravo Shades
  • Real Radiance
  • Moon Kissed Glints
  • Umbrella Works
  • Unhooked Umbrella
  • Sin City Shades
  • Eternal Glow Umbrellas
  • Sunspot Umbrella
  • Voodoo Umbrella
  • The Diva Factory
  • For The Umbrella
  • Glints University
  • Summer Fever
  • Cloud Nine Umbrellas
  • Everyday Shades
  • Honey Umbrella
  • Beautiful Umbrella
  • Healthy Vision
  • Umbrella Groove
  • Umbrella Jewelry
  • Sizzled Cute Umbrellas
  • Buckeye Sunshine

Umbrella Brand Names Ideas

Umbrella Works: (Indicate to the customers about the various types of designs and art that you draw on the umbrellas with this catchy name.)

  • Vanity Workshop
  • The Umbrella
  • Umbrella Saviors
  • Sparkling Shades
  • Sunrise Rainbow
  • Surfin’ Madness
  • Power Glares
  • Az Umbrellas & More
  • Famous Glints
  • Stellar Umbrella
  • Sunset’s Brows
  • Sunset Supernova
  • Urban Umbrella
  • Escape Umbrella
  • Personal Flair
  • Visual Beginnings
  • Secret Formula
  • Allure Umbrella
  • Umbrella Care First
  • The Umbrella Kings
  • American Umbrella
  • Sunflower’s Wake
  • Fun Classy Shades

Best Umbrella Company Names Suggestions

Umbrella Solutions: (Prompt your customers to visit your company for every solution regarding umbrellas putting this out-of-the-box name.)

  • Funky Glints
  • Bambi’s Choice
  • Shades and More
  • Summer Solstice
  • Chic Umbrella Shop
  • Exquisite Frames
  • Umbrella on Me
  • Honey Umbrella
  • All The Shade Rage
  • Sunrise Shades
  • Celebrate Vision
  • Impressive Glares
  • Sparkling Shades
  • Beach Girls’ Hut
  • Umbrella Works
  • Iconic Umbrellas
  • Sunrise West Umbrella
  • Nature Meadow
  • Urban Umbrella
  • Men Than Barriers
  • Grunge Umbrella
  • Innovative Glares
  • Rainstorm Shield
  • Onward Umbrella

Umbrella Business Names

Umbrella Function: (This makes your customers aware of your company’s job role and thus makes it a to-the-point name idea.)

  • The Glam Factory
  • Phoenix Umbrellas
  • Grunge Umbrella
  • People’s Choice
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Karma Umbrellas
  • Dream Glares
  • Dashing Umbrella
  • Umbrella Warriors
  • Urban Adventure
  • Umbrella Care First
  • Happy Goggles
  • Sunrise With A Wade
  • Natural Pursuits
  • Glamour Umbrella
  • Umbrella Trend Store
  • Classy Gentleman
  • Trusted Trekkers
  • Boomerang Umbrellas
  • Lookout Umbrella
  • Summer Sunshades
  • Umbrella Boulevard
  • Aqua Umbrella Company

Unique Names For Umbrella Company

Onward Umbrella: (Motivating your consumers to always march onward, this name gives your company a unique meaning.)

  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Axe Glares Co
  • Diva Umbrella
  • Candle Umbrella
  • Celebrate Vision
  • Crown Entries
  • Rainer Umbrellas
  • Rebel Umbrella
  • Creative Cubicle
  • Glam Centre Umbrella
  • Shaded Lenses
  • Phenomenal Glints
  • Summer Solstice
  • Urban Designs
  • Crowne Umbrella
  • Famous Glints
  • House of Delicate Frames
  • Sweet Mornings
  • Sunny Umbrella
  • The Sun Strikes Back
  • Southside Umbrella

What Are Some Best Umbrella Company Names In India?

Sunny Umbrella: (A nice name for perfectly describing the beauty of the canopies of your umbrellas.)

  • Shady Frames
  • The Umbrella Place
  • Umbrella Blings
  • Sun Umbrella Pass
  • Rebel Umbrella
  • Festive Umbrella
  • Sunrise Vision Umbrella
  • Seasonal Glares
  • Sunrise West Umbrella
  • Eclipse Star Shades
  • Lookout Umbrella
  • The Shade Doctors
  • Lazy Man Umbrella
  • Rain Umbrella
  • Umbrella Care First
  • Shades On Fleek
  • Hip Hop’s Emporium
  • Cool Shade Optics
  • Aqua Umbrella
  • Surf In Madness
  • Pretty Lab Umbrella

What Are Some Top Umbrella Company Names In The USA?

Umbrella Groove: (Narrates the process of how it is made, making it a justified umbrella company name.)

  • Umbrella Carriers
  • The Diva Project
  • Daytime Wanderers
  • Rainy Umbrella
  • Starry Umbrella
  • Fancy Umbrella House
  • Wholesome Food
  • Sun Umbrella Clinic
  • Sunrise Glare
  • Alvarez’s Umbrellas
  • Umbrella Company
  • Shade Parade
  • Road Trip Visuals
  • Sunburst Stone Max
  • Rockstar Apparel
  • The Sun Umbrella
  • Amped to Camp
  • Umbrella Dreams
  • Aviator Paradise
  • Secret Formula
  • Nightless City
  • Nature Meadow
  • H2O Umbrellas
  • The Pet Mansion
  • Allure Umbrella
  • Stunning Looks
  • The Happy Monkey

Umbrella Company Names

How To Choose A Umbrella Company Name?

Just going with any name for your umbrella company may leave an adverse impact on your business, and coming up with memorable, catchy umbrella company names can be a difficult job as well. However, the below facts are going to be useful for you in choosing a perfect name.

1) Add A Logo:

A logo can highly help you make an appealing impression in your targeted consumers’ minds. So, complement your umbrella company name by designing a stylish, sophisticated, and creative logo along it.

2) Research About It:

Having a well-researched concept about the background of the names helps you pick better. Names that come with a story or deliver a revolutionary message to society capture more of the people’s eye.

3) Put A Tagline:

A catchy tagline is the most implicit thing that rings in people’s minds for a long time, making them wonder about the company. It also helps you stand out among your competitors helping you make your own space in the industry.

4) Get The Trademark Done:

A trademark helps you in operating your business smoothly without any legal issues. Having the copyright done of your company name provides you the power of taking legal action in case other people use it illegally.

5) Ask For Feedback:

Listening to what others think about your company’s name is one of the prolific ways of understanding if you are going the right way or not. So seek feedback from your colleagues or friends.


Q) How To Come Up With An Umbrella Company Name?

Ans)>> Coming up with a unique umbrella company name can become an easy process if you follow steps like doing well background research about the selected names, reading about other companies’ profiles, asking for others’ opinions, etc. Just take a look.

  • Festive Umbrella: (This name helps your consumer inspire them to live their days in a festive way.)
  • Early Morning Hobby
  • Umbrella Smile
  • Rainstorm Umbrellas
  • Umbrella Groove
  • Sparkling Shades
  • The Glam Factory
  • Fruity Yellow Umbrella
  • The Spec Shack
  • Dazzle Your Face

Q) What Should I Name My Umbrella Company?

Ans)>>A name works as the representative of your brand. Picking a name that is short, memorable, catchy, trending, and relatable to the work you are offering to your customers, can help you attract more customers to visit your company. Just take a look.

  • Urban Umbrella: (Urban is a fascinating word, the consumers will be attracted by this stylish name.)
  • Bold Umbrella
  • Hawkeye Umbrella
  • Glints And Glares
  • Umbrella Sunscreen
  • Aquila Umbrellas
  • Classy Gentleman
  • The SunUmbrella Life
  • Urban Adventure
  • Rockstar Glares
  • Rainstorm Umbrella

Q) How To Name An Umbrella Company?

Ans)>>Before naming your umbrella company, go through some brainstorming to get creative ideas; you can read books, look at your competitors’ names for inspiration, and seek public opinion if possible for a better understanding of the trendy market and people’s choice, all these will help you get a perfect name for your umbrella company. Just take a look.

  • Shaded Designs
  • Soul Umbrellas
  • Umbrella Warriors
  • Sweet Mornings
  • Rebel Umbrella
  • Umbrella Trend Store
  • Summer Solstice
  • The Sun Umbrella

Q) Are Shorter Umbrella Company Names Better?

Ans)>>Although there is nothing wrong with a lengthy name as long as it serves the purpose, nonetheless, a shorter name becomes easier to utter and spell for your customers helping them to remember it quickly and for a much longer time. Just take a look.

  • Umbrella Candy
  • Sunburst Umbrella
  • Impressive Glares
  • Sweet Mornings
  • Wilson’s Umbrellas
  • Umbrella Dreams
  • The Chic Project
  • Sunset’s Elevation
  • Cool Shade Optics

Q) Do I Need a Trademark or Copyright for My Umbrella Company Name?

Ans)>>Yes, getting a trademark for your umbrella company name is an important step to securing your business’s reputation. This also provides you the sole right of using the name barring any other person from availing it without your permission.


An apt Umbrella Company Name gives you the satisfaction that helps you improve your service towards the consumers, thus picking a meaningful, eye-captivating name becomes of primary importance before opening an umbrella company and with the help of this article, you can surely get yours.

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