284+ Towing Company Names Ideas: Luxury, Unique, Catchy, Funny

The search for a reliable towing company is constant on the internet, and so is the growing number of such companies, that is why you need to create some enthralling Towing Company Names ideas for turning the attention of potential customers towards you. And here, we are going to share some efficacious ideas for coming up with such names, give it a try!

Every day countless vehicles meet with an accident or stop working in a middle of a journey. A towing service can come in help greatly in those situations. Towing companies move or transport wrecked or disabled vehicles from roadside areas and deliver those to places mentioned by the clients.

The towing business is a highly-profitable one with a strong market value that is growing at the rate of 4.34 percent CAGR. And the expected turnover of the industry by the year 2024 is nearly 9 billion US dollars, which was only 6 billion US dollars in 2018.

This is a dependable business with a steady earning, so if you stay affirmed on your decision to open a towing company of your own, then you are not wrong.

Just make sure your chosen Towing Company Name is an effective one so that it can help you stand out in the crowd.

Towing Company Names

  • Quickie Tugs
  • Superior Towing
  • Towing Bros
  • Big Towing
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Change Route
  • Luminous
  • Odd Job
  • Signix Towing Co.
  • Trust In Towing
  • Mr Towing
  • Pop’s Power Tow
  • Road Runner
  • RedSky Towing Co.
  • Take a Ride
  • Encore Towing
  • Vertigo Towing
  • A1 Towing
  • Tow Express
  • NorthWell Towing Co.
  • Top Notch Towing: Give a hint to the clients of the standard quality service that your towing company provides by putting name ideas like this.

Catchy Towing Company Names

  • Happy Hitches
  • Trucking
  • Ready Rescue
  • Compliant Towing
  • GrandMark
  • ITowing
  • Cargo Hauler
  • Incogni-tow
  • Fast Response
  • AutoSpex
  • Call Bella Towing
  • Victor hand
  • Keystone Towing
  • Alliance Towing
  • Total Towing
  • All City Towing
  • Family Towing
  • Collision King
  • Trooper
  • The Right Hook Towing
  • Urban Service Towing: Catch the attention of the city people and potential customers by giving your towing company a modern touch with this name idea.

Towing Business Names

  • TowingMe
  • Global School
  • Pro Movers
  • Able Recovery
  • Family Towing
  • King of Towing
  • Mr Towing
  • PrintogramTowing
  • Lone Ranger
  • Tow Business
  • Moving Express
  • NameLine
  • Guaranteed Towing
  • Car To Tow
  • Non Stop Towing
  • Deliver Me
  • Happymove
  • Reliable Automotive
  • Purple Wind
  • Rescue Towing

Towing Company Name Ideas

  • Moving Day Towing
  • TowBaby
  • Reliable Moving
  • Tow Master
  • MossenTowing
  • Tiny Safe
  • Blaze Towing
  • Gold Star Towing
  • Blaze Towing
  • Grinder
  • Grim Towing
  • All Aboard Towing
  • Trusted Towing
  • PrintWell
  • Rescue Towing
  • City Moving
  • Pull Up Towing
  • Crystal Vibe
  • Call Bella Towing
  • Fast Towing
  • Fast Moving Towing: Selecting this name idea will completely blend in with the fast service you offer and build a strong sense of faith in the minds of the customers.

Funny Towing Company Names

  • Hello Towing
  • Bear Towning
  • Ready Road Towing
  • LocalTow
  • Swuzzu Towing Co.
  • Superior Towing
  • Fast Parcels
  • The Auto Doc
  • Hands On Towing
  • Big Green
  • A Team Towing
  • Haul & Deliver
  • City Towing
  • Empire Towing Company
  • Towing Services
  • Vertozz Towing Co.
  • NameLine
  • Elite Hook Towing
  • Don’t Worry, I Tow
  • Trusted Towing
  • FastTrack
  • NewMOtive Towing
  • 24 Hours Towing: Let your targeted clients know about your company’s service commitment of being available on a 24 by 7 days basis by opting for this name suggestion.

Unique Towing Company Names

  • Supreme Towing
  • Dello Brett
  • Lakeshore Towing Services
  • Pack and Go
  • FinoGood
  • Rapid Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • MissinMist
  • Terminal Stopper
  • Joe’s Towing
  • Abbotsford Towing
  • Team Towing
  • CarCargo
  • Independent Towing Inc.
  • Safe Parcels
  • DriveSpring Towing
  • Speed Towing
  • Safe and Sound
  • Merlin Towing
  • Bodhi Towing
  • Reliable Towing Company: With this simple name idea, convince your clients that they can trust you with their precious vehicle and get a reliable service too.

Towing Company Name Generator

  • Tow In Town
  • Cedar Hills Towing
  • Movemax Towing
  • Apex Towing
  • Silver Towing LLC
  • Green Towing
  • Flat Tire Towing
  • Ready Road Towing
  • Purple Wind
  • Airstream
  • Towing Guru
  • Coast Pride
  • Big Red Towing
  • FederalTow
  • Best Towing
  • Towtal Support
  • Dream Road
  • Ready Remove
  • AutoTrance
  • Jonny Tow
  • Heavenly Towing
  • Collision King

How To Produce Exceptional And Fruitful Towing Company Names?

Making your company name effective and unique lets you make a strong impression and enchant more customers helping you secure a strong space in the market. So, it is crucial to pick a name that has certain aspects like reliability, relativity, simplicity, effectiveness, etc. Going through these points will help you create such creative names.

  1. Keep It To The Point: Try to keep your chosen name to the point with that of your business role so that your potential clients do not get confused about what type of services you are offering to them.
  2. Catch Attention With A Tagline: Rhythmic slogan or tagline is a clever way of turning your targeted customers’ attention towards your company. The catchier it will be, the more interesting the customers will find it.
  3. Provide A Message: You can use your Towing Company Name to provide a strong message to the people out there and bring them a step closer to necessary revolutionary changes. This will let people know about your company and help them explore more.
  4. Design With A Logo: Give your towing company name an elegant touch by assisting it with an appealing logo. The logo will act as a tool for effectively promoting your company and catching the eyes of the customers.
  5. Create A Website: Think of reaching online customers too by buying a ‘.com’ domain. Create an online website and develop it with engaging content, and also make the website user-friendly. These all will help you increase your traffic and customers’ reach.
  6. Hear Out Others: Taking others’ feedback regarding the suitability of your company’s name is a good way of knowing the effectiveness of the name.
  7. Get The Copyright: Secure the finalized name of your company by registering it and getting its copyright. The copyright will restrict other ill-intended persons from using your name for illegal purposes.
  8. Make It Relevant: Always try to come up with a name that is relevant to the service you are offering as thus the customers will be able to instantly connect with your goals and propaganda, helping them choose better.


Q) How Do You Come Up With A Catchy Towing Company Name?

>> You can make some catchy towing company names if you brainstorm a lot by turning your interest to new things, such as reading foreign stories, inspirational speeches, watching short motivational videos, etc. All these can significantly help you reconceive great fruitful name ideas.

Q) What Are Some Good Towing Company Names?

>> You can level a company name as a good one if that name has the capacity of representing your business goals in an easy way to the customers and impress them at a first glance. You can either use name generators or can create them by yourself following the guideline provided here. Take a look at our name idea part for some inspiration.

  • CassaVex Towing
  • Towing 911
  • Day Savers Towing
  • Streetside Towing
  • Searchers
  • Silver Towing LLC
  • Selecta Tow
  • Tow & Recover
  • Luxury Towing Service
  • AutoTrail Towing
  • Drag Queens
  • Save Our Cars Towing
  • Purple Wind
  • Tow In Town
  • Tow And Transport
  • Orion Towing
  • Cheap Towing

Q) How Do I Name My Towing Company?

>> There are a few simple steps that you need to take for completing the naming process of your towing company. When you are done selecting a name, check if it is already taken or available, then go through the registration process for opting for the copyright. Your naming process gets fulfilled once you are provided with the copyright of the name.

Repo Company Names

  • Lone Star
  • Derben Towing
  • Tip Top Tow
  • Dynamic Towing
  • TinySafe Towing
  • Presto Tow
  • Car Ship
  • Happy Hitches
  • Fish out of Water
  • MikeTowing
  • YourSafe Towing
  • Tight Spot Towing
  • Bear Towning
  • Moving Line
  • Auto Hooks Towing
  • Camel Towing
  • Tiwcorp
  • Hauler Back
  • Towmasters
  • Top Notch Towing
  • Mike’s Towing

Top Towing Company Names In The USA

  • Questa
  • Towing Mile
  • Seattle Towing
  • Reliance Towing
  • Sunnyvale Towing
  • Towing Mile
  • Action Towing
  • Tiwcorp
  • Bull Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Sunnyvale
  • Rescue Ride
  • Auto Rescue
  • MidEast Towing
  • Tow Express
  • Bestway Towing
  • Plane Towing
  • Ready Set Tow
  • Ready Road Towing
  • Urban Wave

American Tow Truck Names

  • Drag Queens
  • WhitFlex Towing
  • Dream Road
  • Car Pro Auto Repair
  • Rescue Ride
  • 24/7 towing service
  • Easy Drivers
  • Express One Towing
  • Easter Row
  • Careful Roadside
  • The Driver
  • All Star Towing
  • Quickie Tugs
  • Happy Towing
  • CoWorkMove
  • Speedy Streets Towing
  • Tom Willey
  • That’s a Pull
  • Towing Scale
  • Terminal Stopper

Tow Truck Company Names

  • Your Trust
  • Best Towing
  • J&A Towing Service
  • HarborTruck
  • Green Transport
  • Hope Recovery
  • Redlight Wreckers
  • Tiger Towing
  • Able Towing
  • Milne Towing Services
  • Tracked Tow
  • Cod Towing
  • Tow on Top
  • Western Towing
  • Team Towing
  • Emergency Towing
  • Virgowish
  • Towing Force
  • Auto Towing
  • ReliableBoat
  • Main Street Towing

Best Tow Truck Names

  • All Night Towing
  • Zero Debris Towing
  • Bull Towing
  • Cascades Towing
  • Roadster Towing
  • Helping Tows
  • Car Helper
  • In Town Towing
  • Ready Rescue
  • KC Auto Recovery
  • YourTrust Towing
  • Trusted Towing
  • Grand Mark
  • RescueTow
  • One Way Ticket
  • Cassa Vex
  • Choice Towing
  • Rock Towing
  • Fast Towing
  • Urban Wave
  • Compelle Towing

Luxury Towing Company Names Suggestions

  • Auto Trance
  • Action Towing
  • Auto Action
  • Heavy Hits
  • Coastal Pride
  • PurpleWind
  • UrbanHook
  • City Towing
  • Streetside Towing
  • Star Motion
  • Yellow Square
  • Terrific Towing
  • Mobile Towing
  • A & B Towing
  • Pushing it right, Inc
  • Incogni-tow
  • Crystal Vibe
  • Efficient Towing
  • Fast Track
  • Sunshine Towing


Giving a proper name to your towing company is an important part of making your business successful. Therefore, it is best to choose such a Towing Company Name, which can deliver a direct message of your unwavering and fast service to your customers. And we think after checking our blog, with the help of all the shared information, you will create a fine name for your towing company. Good luck!

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