546+ Tea Company Name Ideas That Grab Customers Attention

Own a tea company but left it without any proper Tea Company Names? Well, it’s not too late; you can create a tea company name even now and use it officially. Follow this article to learn all the procedures of creating a befitting brand name and let it reach more people extending your business approach.

As it is globally known, tea is a very popular drink. And so numerous tea companies are doing business in both national and international markets. A tea company usually owns a tea garden or imports standard quality teas from tea gardens and manages the manufacturing of the final tea products.

This business is a highly profitable one. The global tea industry is in full swing of growth with a CAGR of 6.7 percent which is estimated to grow even more within the year 2031. And as this drink comes with several health benefits too, the global demand for tea is on the rise.

Thus you need to give your company a captivating name. Why? Because giving it a suitable funny and unique Tea Company Name idea can help you gain popularity much easier and your customers can have something to recognize you with among your other business rivals.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Tea Company Names

A creative name is what people look for when they search for something new. So, creatively keeping your tea company name will help you come under the notice quickly.

  • Leaf Tea
  • The Last Alcohol
  • Bubble Bea
  • The Stronger Tea
  • Tease Her Tea
  • Naïve Tea
  • Pavement Coffeehouse
  • Cuppa Tropical
  • Premium Tea Leaves
  • Steep Tea
  • Tea – Mi Life
  • Happy Evening
  • Down Time
  • Lipton Tea Company
  • Touch the Sky
  • Garden Fresh: Inform people that your products are fresh and of great quality by naming the company in this way.

Tea Names Ideas

Do not try to choose a lengthy name thinking it would give your company a unique approach. Lengthy names are time-consuming and most people find it irritating.

  • Brave Tea Co.
  • Fine Brews
  • Chamomile Cup
  • The Perfect Pot
  • The Herbal
  • Tea Castle
  • Tea on Fire
  • English Breakfast
  • Matcha Mastery
  • Silver Needle
  • Tea 2Day
  • Lotus Tea Shop
  • BrownBeverage
  • Branding Company Tea
  • Ocean Moon
  • Empire Tea & Coffee

Tea Company Names1

Unique Tea Company Names

The uniqueness of the name in a way indicates your honesty and the extra mile that you would love to go to provide the best quality of product.

  • Sweet Dreams
  • The Teapot
  • Blended Brews
  • Thrive Tea
  • Drink Afternoon
  • Tea Time
  • Chamomile Hill
  • Oolong Owl Café
  • My Peachy Earl
  • Ladies & Gentlemen
  • Alpha Tea Inc.
  • Glengettie tea
  • The Mild Drink
  • The Smooth
  • Fortunate Leaf
  • A Hot Cup Of Tea

Tea Company Names For Business

Keep the name in a customer-friendly way by picking words or phrases that are less complicated and easy to utter or read.

  • Happy Daze Cafe
  • Grey Tea Company
  • Aromatic Tea Co.
  • Mighty Leaf Tea
  • Honest Tea
  • An Excellent Dinner
  • Pekoe Place
  • Cozy Time Teas
  • Blends and Flavours
  • The Split Bean
  • Milky Goddesses
  • Cinnamon Hot House
  • Grand Cafeteria
  • Leaning Tea Tower Co.
  • Contemporary Tea
  • Mystic Burst

Famous Tea Company Names

The relevancy of a name plays a crucial role in the success or failure of a company. A name should have the potential and capability to deliver what the company is about.

  • Blueberry Basil
  • Harmless Refreshment
  • The Formal Pekoe
  • Hot Cha Cha Cha
  • Top Notch Teas
  • Tea Headquarters
  • Perfect Morning
  • Bubble Shine Tea
  • Twinings of London
  • New Age Teas
  • HappyBrews
  • Spiced Chai Cafe
  • The Brewed
  • The Fragrant
  • Eco-Cha Tea Company
  • Mariage Frères

Tea Company Names List

Opting for a short company name is a good choice if you want your customers to spend less time reading the name and jump directly to exploring the products that you have in stock for them.

  • Any Tea Company
  • Snack Shack
  • Leaf Goodness Inc.
  • The Tea Company
  • Regal Tea Court
  • Enchanted Teas
  • Steeped Tea
  • The Perfect Brew
  • Big Bear Café
  • The Strong Boozing
  • Tea a Go-Go
  • Raja’s Darjeeling Teas
  • Ten Fu Group
  • Fine Harvest
  • The Refreshing

Funny Tea Company Names

As per a market poll, people find it interesting when they see a funny name. Funny names attract them urging them to explore the business more.

  • Formosa Tea
  • Happy Bubble Tea
  • Ringtons
  • Fresh Tea Lounge
  • Modernteashop
  • Renegade Tea House
  • Jasmine Green
  • Black N White Tea Co.
  • Sole Drink
  • Energizing Tea Center
  • Simplee Boba
  • The Sour Drinkable
  • Cuppa Joe Tea
  • Customary Drinks
  • Tasty Teas
  • The Buttered Dinner

Tea & Coffee Business Names

Choosing the words of a company name carefully is beneficial in capturing the attention of random people. Go for words that are eye-captivating and attention-seeking.

  • Just in Time Teas
  • Sweet Tea
  • Papa Peach’s Pot
  • Russian Cup
  • Beverage
  • Brown Bottled Water
  • Tempt By Tea
  • Sacred Leaf
  • Beautiful Beans
  • Lemon Leaf
  • Green Tea for Me
  • ButteredTea
  • Tea and Toast
  • Tales of Earl Grey
  • Tea & Brew
  • Tea Rose Cottage

Catchy Tea Company Names

  • Time for Tea: Remind people that it is almost time for a tea break by naming your company in this way so that it can draw the attention of your potential customers.
  • Tea Guru
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Teavana Tea Store
  • Perfect Blend
  • Afternoon Oasis
  • The Glass Teapot
  • Tea Crowns
  • Golden Dragon Tea Co
  • Yorkshire Tea
  • Perfect Cup of Tea
  • Dilmah
  • The Buttered Oolong
  • The Creamy
  • Brewed-to-Order Teas
  • Tea Leaf Group
  • Catch the Tea Wave

Tea Company Names2

Tea Company Name Generator

  • Herbal Tea: Showcase the advantages of drinking tea made by your brand with such a name idea. It can help you gain a certain category of customers, for instance, health-conscious customers.
  • Tea Emporium
  • The Nettle Dinner
  • Festival Of Tea
  • Cooking Kettle
  • Tea Emporium
  • The Sweet Cup
  • Tip Top Tea Company
  • Ding Tea
  • Infusion Tea
  • Not Your Typical Tea
  • A Tea For Two
  • Medicinal Cup Trading Co
  • Tea Haus
  • Warm Oolong
  • Tealicious Shop
  • GreenCup Cuppa
  • Global Tea: Picking a name suggestion like this can be beneficial in getting the attention of international customers too.

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How To Create And Choose Cute Tea Company Names?

Picking or creating a suitable Tea Company Name is one of the toughest jobs. However, in both cases, you need to invest good quality time in brainstorming the best name ideas and choosing the right one for you.

Here are some quick tips that you can follow to make the name unique.

  1. Create a name by yourself: Countless online websites provide name-generation options and even offer a ready-made company name. However, it is always best to create your own name as thus, you can form it as per your own requirements.
  2. Use logo as a tool: Go for a clever way to advertise your company to the world. Think of a well-designed logo and place it along with the company name. The logo will act as the face of your brand and help people recognize you quickly.
  3. Listen to what others say: It is always best to include some more people in the name-picking process. Let others give their opinions on your selected names and even suggest you some. And then, pick the best one among those.
  4. Put tagline: Reach out to more people through a catchy tagline. Write your slogan with words that are relevant to your job profile and are well suited to your chosen company name.
  5. Trademark the name: After you are done finalizing the name, go through the name registration process and apply for registering the name. It will help you get its copyright and give you the authority to use it anywhere.

Also, check out more good name ideas.

Tea Business Names

  1. Suburban Tea: Choose this name to give your company name a touch of local root. Naming in such a way can make your local customers happy and turn them into full-time ones.
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Whittard of Chelsea
  4. All-Natural Teas
  5. Oriental escape
  6. Let’s Brew
  7. The Herbal Brew
  8. Tea Forte Cafe
  9. Magic Tea
  10. Morning Twilight
  11. Black Ossum Tea
  12. CeremonialTea
  13. Aroma Corner
  14. Blooming Leaf Tea Co.
  15. GrandTea
  16. Lemon Oolong
  17. The Real Deal

Names For Tea Company And House

  1. Green Tea: Mentioning what type of products people can have at your place will help save their time and it will help you gain their favor making them your customers.
  2. Old Barn Teas
  3. Buttered Brew
  4. The Drink Leaf
  5. Charming Leaf Tea Co
  6. Cardamom Goodness
  7. Artistic Brews
  8. Organic Tea Garden
  9. Green Monte
  10. Cola Bottle Tea
  11. Little Red Leaf Tea Company
  12. BrownAroma
  13. Strong Potable
  14. Old fashioned Tea
  15. Dragon Leaf Teas
  16. Buttered Pekoe Pro
  17. Chai Chow Tea
  18. Baked and Wired

Tea Business Names Ideas

  1. Tea-Tastic: Forming the name in such a unique way, where it is a fusion of two different words, will help capture the eyes of random people.
  2. Japanese Tea House
  3. Brewster Tea
  4. Some portion of the Tea Building
  5. He’s My Tea Buddy
  6. LavisDrop
  7. Aroma Tea Shop
  8. Instant Leaf
  9. Teaspoonfuls
  10. Organics Tea Time
  11. Brewing Tea
  12. Tea for Peace
  13. Chai Time
  14. Charleston Tea
  15. The Refreshing Refreshment
  16. BubbleShine Tea
  17. Because It’s Tea Time!

Top Tea Brand Names Ideas

  1. Long Leaf Tea: Keeping the name in this way indicates what people can get here, helping them pick you up quickly.
  2. Hyper Tea Time
  3. Lumi Tea
  4. Bubble Smilez
  5. The Alcoholic
  6. Darjeeling Tea Company
  7. On The Light Side Of Tea
  8. Just Chai’d
  9. The Ceremonial
  10. Full Leaf Tea Company
  11. Chai Chaan Teek
  12. Dream of Tea
  13. Chai’d for Her
  14. Ascent Tea
  15. Lovely Darling

Tea Brand Names

  1. NRG Tea: Twist the words in a unique way to draw the attention of the people. For example here the phrase ‘NRG’ is symbolic of the word ‘energy’.
  2. Mix Splash
  3. New Moody
  4. Full Cuppa
  5. Oolong Tea Company
  6. Tealand
  7. The Tea Party Person
  8. Mixed Brews
  9. Tea Tree
  10. Essence Of Tea
  11. A Spoon of Honey
  12. Cheap Camellia Sinensis
  13. Hot Kettle
  14. Hellish Steep
  15. Fab Tea Company

Green Tea Company Names

  1. Quick Booze: This name suggestion is a perfect one if you are looking for an elegant, rich, and sophisticated company name.
  2. Natural Leaves
  3. Medicinal Ferment
  4. Caffeine Free Teas
  5. Tea O’Clock
  6. Green Blossom
  7. Dream About Tea
  8. Cooling Scents
  9. Lemonade Kingdom
  10. Ginger And Spice
  11. Prince Charming
  12. JK Tea: Add the initials of your own name and turn it into a catchy tea company name just like this one here.


Now that you have read the article to the fullest, we hope you understand how a name matters and holds great value in making a business successful. So, take your time and pick your naming words wisely and carefully to form a nice and worthy Tea Company Name. Good luck!