Swimming Pool Names: 261+ Unique & Catchy Pool Names Ideas

Looking for some swimming pool names? So you are landed in the right place. Owning a swimming pool can now lead you towards having a wonderful career as a businessman. A successful swimming pool business has the high potential to strike even the 6B dollar mark in the annual revenue chart. As per the global data, there has been a sharp surge in the market demand, and the field is predicted to have touched the mark of 4171.10 Mn dollars (approx.) within 2028.

The horrific pandemic era has taught us the value of health and since then the rising of active physical activities has made a move in the sports market. An active swimmers can feel several changes in their body, swimming helps in shaking off extra fat, it helps in building strength and endurance, helps in increasing the heart’s life, overcoming asthma, etc.

Healthy exercise has been the top priority of people and swimming has been a popular choice among exercise lovers. Apart from this, a swimming pool serves the purpose of an entertainment destination. People like to have a pool party as partying beside water gives a touch of stress-free vibe in the wind. It is a great place for absorbing sunlight too.

Swimming alone as an exercise plays many roles and as a business field opening a swimming pool can guide you into leading a profitable career. And to enter that field, the first and foremost job to do is to find some wonderful swimming pool name ideas.

The pool name stands as the identity of everything in this entire universe, so the power of a name is not a mere thing. So take a look at our given collections of catchy,  cute, good, best, unique, funny swimming pool names lists.

Swimming Pool Names

Here are some collections of catchy and unique swimming pool names.

  • Paradise Pools
  • Marquise Pools
  • High bridge Pool
  • Blue Haven Pool
  • Swim To The Moon
  • Neptune Pools
  • Cruising The Depths
  • The Diving Board
  • A Clean Sweep Pools
  • Riverbank Ridge Pool
  • Fathomless Depths
  • Pure Water Pools
  • Imagine Swimming
  • Swimming Dolphins
  • Viking Pools and Spas
  • Garden Swimming Pool
  • Leopard Swimming Pool
  • Richard Alatorre Pool
  • Malibu Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Names Ideas

There are some collections of the best and unique swimming pool name ideas.

  • Blue Sky Pool
  • Splashin’ Around
  • Astoria Sports Complex
  • Rainbow Pool
  • Dive Off The Rails
  • Public Swimming Pool
  • Cachuma Lake Pools
  • Sloppy Dolphin Blue
  • Poolside Solutions
  • Aqua Pools and Spas
  • Lancer Aquatic Center
  • Hamilton Fish Pool
  • Clear Blue Water Pools
  • Reverse Swimming
  • Team Swimming Pool
  • Program Swimming Pool
  • Summertime Installers
  • Bluegreen Dew
  • ClaraCasa Pool Service
  • Swimming Solutions Team

Swimming Pool Names List

Here you can find some collections of best swimming pool names suggestions.

  • West Corner Pool
  • Rack And Sinker
  • Primo Cave Pool Service
  • Executive Swimming
  • Albany Aquatic Center
  • Independence Pools
  • Alondra Aquatic Center
  • Diving For Pesos
  • Fifth Avenue Swim Club
  • Majestic Oak Pool
  • Just Add Water
  • Flamingo Swimming Pools
  • Viking Pools and Spas
  • Undersea Detectives
  • Swimming Pool Answers
  • Blue Canyon Pool
  • Downey Swimming Pool
  • Astoria Sports Complex
  • All Season Pool Service
  • GoAqua Swimming Pool
  • Rooftop Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Names

Catchy Pool Names

There are some collections of best pool names ideas. So must check it.

  • Red Hook Pool
  • Superior Pool
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot Spring Pool
  • The Shockers
  • Dry Dock Pool
  • Castle Rock Pool
  • Diamond Lake
  • Poolside Bliss
  • Lancer Pools
  • Leisure Pools
  • Dry Dock Pool
  • Family Memories
  • Slip And Slither
  • Asser Levy Pool
  • Blue Lagoon
  • John Jay Pool
  • Pool Vacations
  • Clear Lake Pool
  • Deep Water Pools
  • Water Scape
  • Pools on the Park
  • Tranquil Waves
  • Aquarium Pools

Funny Swimming Pool Names

Here you can find some collections of funny and cute swimming pool names.

  • The Beach Waters
  • The Puddle Factory
  • Seventeen Pools
  • Blue Dot Pools, LLC
  • Cool Pastel Pools
  • Tribesta Swimming Pool
  • Poolside Paradise
  • Strawberry Canyon Pool
  • BrioBriss Swimming
  • Natural Springs Pool
  • Dive Mountain
  • Always Clear Pools
  • Community Pool Service Inc.
  • Puck-Swimmers
  • All Seasons Pools
  • Blue Street Swimming
  • Clean Company
  • Sweetwater Hot Tubz
  • Continental Pool
  • Dry Dock Playground
  • Splashing Pools
  • Asser Levy Pool
  • Poolside Pleasures
  • The Endless Waves
  • California Pools

Swimming Pool Names In India

There are some collections of the best and good swimming pool names in India.

  • Rapid Pool Cleaning
  • San Bruno Park Pool
  • Â Aquarius Pool Care
  • No-Splash Swimmers
  • Emstell Swimming Pool
  • Swim Tranquilizers
  • There, Well Pool Day
  • AquaSmith Swimming Pool
  • Oasis Pool Service
  • Pure Pool Solutions
  • Athletic & Swim Club
  • BlueBird Swimming
  • Swimwear Supreme
  • Empire Hotel Rooftop Pool
  • Bermuda Blue Pools
  • Five-Fingered Swim
  • Eterna Swimming Pool
  • Safemax Swimming Pool
  • McCarren Hotel & Pool
  • Response Swimming Pool
  • Creative Swimming Pool
  • Manning Pool Service
  • Anchor Pool Pros
  • WaterWays Swimming
  • St Mary’s Swimming Pool
  • BetaBoost Swimming

Swimming Pool Names

Pool Business Names

Here are some collections of the best and cool swimming pool business name ideas.

  • Aqua Jet Wash Inc
  • Elementary Swimming
  • AquaDestiny Swimming
  • Outside Fun Fittings
  • AquaZip Pool Service
  • Marcus Garvey Pool
  • Urban Fresh Pools
  • AquaDestiny Swimming
  • Gilbert Pool Builder
  • Dukeberry Pool Service
  • Yente Swimming Pool
  • AquaSlash Swimming
  • Haffen Pool Services
  • West Brighton Pool
  • Crystal Swimming Pool
  • RapidTrack Pool Service
  • Haffen Swimming Pool
  • The New Swimming Mad
  • Aqua Scale Swimming
  • NorthEdge Pool Co
  • PrimoCave Pool Service
  • Treggen Swimming Pool
  • Sheltering Arms Pool
  • Ultimate Water Creations

Swimming Pool Company Names

There are some collections of good names for swimming pool companies.

  • Big Kahuna Pools
  • Tracy Swimming Pools
  • There, Everywhere
  • Backyard Float Pools
  • Los Banos Del Mar Pool
  • Poseidon’s Pool
  • MercuryMing Pools
  • Sparkle And Swim
  • Happy Fun Pool Service
  • ACS Swimming Pools
  • ProperGlory Pool Co.
  • Tanby Swimming Pool
  • Srebbex Swimming Pool
  • Ethos Swimming Pool
  • Haffen Swimming Pool
  • Oakmont Swimming Pool
  • Pools By The Sea
  • Escott Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Names In America

Here are some collections of unique and top swimming pool names in USA.

  • Fort Totten Pool
  • Aquaman Pool Service
  • The Dirty Half Dozen
  • Dive Into The Deep
  • Chlorine Constructions
  • The Treasured Pearl
  • Summertime Pools
  • Pro Mex Pool Co
  • Fremont Swimming Pool
  • De Anza College Pool
  • All Valley Pool Repairs
  • Blue Water Pool
  • GoAqua Swimming Pool
  • Natural Swimming
  • Bubblegum Bubble
  • Wembley Leisure Centre
  • Southern Poolscapes
  • Lakeside Mystery
  • PlusPoint Swimming Pool
  • BritePath Swimming Pool
  • Sunny Day Pool
  • SparkPlug Swimming Pool
  • The Aquatic Fun Zone

Swimming pool Name Generator

Here you can find some collections of catchy and unique pool name generators.

  • Rose Lane Aquatics Center
  • Cevian Swimming Pool
  • Annenberg Community
  • Safe Swimming Pool Services
  • Gold Coast Pool Service
  • AquaCave Swimming Pool
  • Metropolitan Swimming Pool
  • Aquatic Leisure Technologies
  • Paradise Pool Cleaning Solutions
  • Scummy Pool Cleaning Service
  • Paremata City Totten Pool
  • Jean E. Brink Swimming Pool
  • Chelsea Recreation Center
  • Crystal Blue Pool Cleaning
  • Water Mind Pool Service

Swimming Pool Names

How Will You Succeed in Naming Your Pool Differently?

Naming a business is not something that can be done with a swipe of the hand; it needs time and creativity behind finding a successful business name. The given points below will help you with it, so read along.

Keep It Simple:

You do not have to think a long way for giving your swimming pool a long, big name following some others. It can be a simple and short one. Simple and shorter Swimming Pool Names are easy to remember for customers and go well with children too.

Also, short names will help you financially in posting public advertisements for your business.

So here are some collections check it.

  • Royal Pools
  • Golden Bear
  • Pebble Pools
  • Warm Pools
  • Acapulco Pools
  • Falcon Pool
  • Venetian Pool
  • Welcome Pool
  • Emberox Pool

Go For A Social Cause:

The new generation has been more conscious regarding social changes, public benefits, ecology system, environmental pollution, etc. Accordingly, naming your pool a meaningful name that will bear an indicative message towards the necessary changes will trigger the attention of the public as well as serve a noble cause.

Make It Friendly With A Tagline:

Businesses become successful for many reasons, and the list includes quality, motto, morals, mission, vision, and so on. However, the influence that a business can have today on its customers does not limit to those tools only. A business that comes with a tagline gets more attention because of its uniqueness.

Get Enough Data:

For starting any new business, it is always important to do some background research regarding the business field, and naming a swimming pool is not an exception. Before finalizing any random name just go through other successful pool businesses’ profiles and check their story of Swimming Pool Names. This will give you a clear idea of the process of naming your business.

Use a Logo:

Your swimming pool’s name will be more strong if it comes with a logo as well; just like how thinking of the taste of sour gives a clear vision of tamarind in our mind. A logo helps customers distinguish between other pools of the relative nature. A name that goes with a logo influences customers in a big way.

Ask For Suggestions:

It may not always be possible for you to select a name single-handedly. In that case, you can ask for suggestions from your close ones or get feedback on the names you have finalized as Swimming Pool Names. This way, you can have a glimpse of how others are going to react to reading your pool name, so you will understand if you are on the right track or not.

Get Online Facility:

Having an online site for your business is a smart step. Buy a ‘.com’ domain and build your webpage providing all the possible data. This will enable you to take your business closer to reaching countless customers who are seeking information online.

Register It ASAP:

When you are done selecting the final pool name for your swimming pool, you should go to register it as soon as possible. Trademarking the name will give you the copyright over the name and only you will have access to using it in the whole world, barring others using it as a business name somewhere else.


Should a Swimming Pool Logo Include the Business Name?

Ans> It is not always mandatory, however, including one helps in publicizing your business more swiftly.

Can I Trademark a Swimming Pool Name That Already Exists?

Ans> No. Doing so would be an illegal step. You should never copy others, instead, come up with a unique name yourself.

How Do Swimming Pool Companies Get Clients?

Ans> Every business has its own publicity strategy. In the case of a swimming pool business, online (social media posts through images, thrilling videos, etc.) and offline (hand leaflets, roadside hoarding, etc.) advertising will help in attracting customers.


Behind the success of a business, the pool name of it plays a great role, therefore it is no ordinary task to accomplish within a short period of time. This article will act as a guide for overcoming the primary obstacles in selecting your Swimming Pool Names. Finally thanks for spending your valuable time with us. See you soon!

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