Solar Company Names: 521+ Funny Solar Name Ideas List

Thinking of setting up your own company but struggling to find the right Solar Company Names to use officially? Relax. The days of taking stress are long gone as now you have got us. Follow this article and know for yourself how to pick the best soler name as well as how to build a creative name.

A solar company provides a full solar system for producing electricity using the sun’s power. The end-to-end services of such a company include customized designing the solar system, engineering it, providing detailed information regarding the procurement, and at last installing or constructing it.

The market for the solar industry is a bright one and will play an important role even for some coming decades in leading the economy.

So, picking a suitable and meaningful Solar Company Name list and also some solar business name ideas can help you get a strong position in the market and achieve success by reaching your targeted customers.

Let’s start to begin!

Solar Company Names

A company name acts as a brand and so, it plays a bigger role in the success of the company. That is why, forming the name keeping it closely relevant to your business profile is very important so that people can get an idea about what you do.

  • Sun Kings
  • Solar Choice USA
  • Solar Co-operative
  • Solar Consulting
  • OneSteel Energy
  • The Sun Corporation
  • Positive Energy Solar
  • Flash Energy
  • Bright Futures Inc.
  • Emerald Ray Solutions
  • My Solar Hub
  • Solar Retrofit Consortium Inc
  • Sun Kingdom Energy
  • SMA America
  • Sun Harvest
  • Solar Tech Universal
  • Solar Nation
  • Worldsun Energy Corp
  • Bluebay Solar
  • Native Alternative
  • SunTegra Solar
  • Mission Solar Energy

Solar Company Names.1

Solar Names Ideas List

A name represents you not only to the marketplace but also to the customers. So the name must be meaningful in order to deliver a proper understanding that will help clients to connect with you as soon as they take a look at it.

  • Position Of Power
  • Sunspot Inc
  • Solar Vital Valley
  • Black Titan
  • Suntree Green Energy
  • First Solar Inc
  • Sol’s Energy Systems
  • Etc Solar Solutions Inc
  • Sunray Energy
  • Warmth of Love Solar
  • Hot Planet Energy
  • Sun Shinez Inc.
  • Cosmic Solar Source
  • Blue Bright Solar
  • Sunvibe Solar & more
  • Solar Energy Group
  • Fruzzen Solar
  • Influx Sun Energy
  • Solar Green Light Power
  • Solarmore Solar
  • Solar Power and Energy
  • Solar Town: Occupy a special place in your potential clients’ minds with a name idea like this that indicates your company is as big as the town itself.

Funny Solar Company Names

Winning people’s hearts is of much importance for having a good customer base and picking a creative name is a quicker way to do so. People always appreciate creativity as it also helps them to grow critically and provides them with more options.

  • HubertHex
  • Sunshine Industries
  • Outdoor Powered
  • Solar Innovation
  • Solar Flower Power
  • Off-The-Grid Solar
  • Sunbeam Solar
  • SunPower Corporation
  • Service Sources
  • Solarguru Inc.
  • Influx Energy
  • Arby Window
  • One Block Off The Grid
  • Solar News
  • Solar Power, Inc.
  • Solar Evolution
  • WindSolarUSA
  • Solar System Experts
  • Sun Bust Garner
  • Innovative Technology, LLC
  • The Bold Sun Systems

Solar Company Name Ideas

Go for a consumer-friendly name by choosing an apt yet short company name as it can help you reduce the difficulty of reading or uttering a lengthy name by your customers. Short names are also less time-consuming to memorize.

  • Edison Ideas
  • Greenlight Ideas
  • Solar Services
  • Pinnacle Power
  • Alcoa Solar Panels
  • Solar Power Inc
  • Solarogram Solar
  • GoodMayer Solar
  • Sun Light Company
  • Ample Energy
  • Worldsun Energy Corp
  • Outside Energy
  • Sun Power Solutions
  • Solenergy Ltd
  • Solar Eco Energy
  • The Luminous Ways
  • Panel-X Systems
  • Solar Energy Services
  • Rising Moon Energy
  • Gain Radiate
  • Sun Power Energy
  • Solar Eco Energy: Let the world know by promoting the word ‘eco’ in the name that your company deals with completely eco-friendly energy.

Catchy Solar Company Names

A to-the-point name can help you achieve success in a very short time by sorting out only genuine clients for you. Such names convey what you are offering to the people directly and hence it becomes easy for people to decide their choices.

  • Sun Light Electric
  • Sun Operator
  • Empyrean Power
  • Solar Power Solutions Bv
  • SolarVenture
  • SunStream
  • Solary Great
  • Sun Power Corp
  • Black Titan
  • Penta Gram Solar
  • Bluecrest Energy
  • Global Solar Solutions
  • Source Solution
  • Solar Eco Energy
  • Sun Light Electric
  • Legendary Solar
  • Yette First Solar
  • Solar Bean Energy
  • Motevva Solar
  • Solar Company Provider

Solar Business Name Ideas

Keeping the company name with words that are rare, helps you to remain in the minds of your visitors for a long time. People unconsciously remember such names and decide to visit such companies most of the time.

  • Solar Bright Inc.
  • Alpha Solar Systems
  • Sun Power Corporation
  • Solar Lighting
  • Solar Broker
  • Avanti Solar Panels
  • Bright Energy
  • Solar Bright Signs Inc.
  • Solar Power Ventures Gmbh
  • Keep Solar
  • Indigo Sky Backups
  • SunPower Panels
  • The Real Heat
  • Solar Energy Builders
  • Solar Components
  • Step Up To Solar
  • Sun Bright Energy Systems
  • Adeline Solar
  • Solar Capital Systems
  • City Solar Group: Add the locality or area in the company name to promote the local business relationship with native customers.

Unique Solar Company Names

Pick a unique name for your company to leave a good impression on your customers’ minds. Unique names have the ability to make people think beyond the ordinary and thus, they can get curious to explore your business.

  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Components
  • Solar Consulting
  • Cowboy Solar
  • Evergreen Energy
  • GreatNorth
  • RoddoRex Solar
  • Luminus Systems
  • Solar Energy Center, Inc
  • Solar City
  • Thunder Solar Corp.
  • LabelWind Solar
  • Longi Solar
  • Polar Bear Solar, Inc
  • Power for Tomorrow
  • Tiny Sun Rays
  • Sun Power Group
  • Improve Solar
  • Garner Sun Energy
  • Sunsotic Partners
  • List Of Solar Companies

Best Solar Company Name Generator

Putting appealing phrases or words as the company name is one of the best ways of attracting potential customers and increasing their footfall at your business store.

  • Green Energy
  • Thunder Solar Corp
  • Solar Works
  • Life Unplugged
  • Yette First Solar
  • Solar Bright Signs Inc.
  • Hexagon Solar
  • Bright Future Ltd
  • Espanze Solar
  • Sun Power Corporation
  • Sun Solutions
  • Desert Panel Group
  • Upward Movement
  • Bird Solar Energy
  • Solar Powered Windmill
  • Clean Energy Corp
  • Earthly Element
  • Afternoon Delight Solar
  • Vibeenergy
  • SunEdison SunPower
  • Bright Sun Energy Inc
  • Radiant Technologies: Using such an elegant name would definitely attract customers’ attention and help you in getting a strong grip on the industry.

Solar Company Names.2

How to choose the best name for a solar company?

One needs to be very patient to create proper and meaningful Solar Company Names. Rushing the process can lead to a wrong choice of name and waste the whole effort. So, take as much time as you need and while you are in the process, keep the below points in mind to make the name more tempting.

  1. Choose a picky tagline: Taglines are the detailed description of what your company is about. So, let your potential clients know what you do by setting a nice one or two-liner slogan.
  2. Hang an eye-catching logo: Design a logo keeping it suitable with the company name and use it to represent your brand to the marketplace. You can also expand your company efficiently in foreign lands or beyond the national boundary with the help of a logo.
  3. Take feedback: Knowing how people will react once they take a look at your selected name beforehand, can be beneficial in picking the right type of name. So, make sure to ask for feedback from your close ones, colleagues, or even clients.
  4. Register it for copyright: Secure the name by registering it officially and owning its copyright. The copyright gives you the authority to legally use the name as per your wish and bars others from using it without your permission.
  5. Create a name by mixing words: Instead of going the traditional way, try to create fusion words by adding two different words together to give your name a unique touch. For instance, the word ‘permasolar’ is a fusion of the words ‘permanent’ and ‘solar’.

Also here we have shared some unique and funny solar name ideas. So let’s check out if you need some amazing collections.

Company Name For Solar Business

  1. Solar Next Gen: Including the term ‘next gen’, you can come into the focus of the modern generation too and upgrade your customer categories.
  2. HappyString
  3. Future-sun Energy
  4. Huberton Solar Co
  5. Bright Solar Company
  6. RueFrost Solar
  7. A1 Solar Energy
  8. Solar Solutions Provider
  9. Solar Shopper
  10. Sun String Group
  11. Solar and Associates Inc
  12. Solar Energy Inc
  13. Sunshine Industries
  14. The Sun Harvest
  15. Zingdale Solar
  16. Southern Solar Systems
  17. Solar Power Promotions
  18. Going Green Energy
  19. Synerga Sun energy
  20. Friendly Electricity
  21. Solar Solutions
  22. Eirene Solar World

Power Business Names

  1. Solar Revolution: Such a distinctive name suggestion can help in increasing your customer traffic by a considerable number.
  2. Solar Garden Light Company
  3. Progressive Panel
  4. Solar Guaranteed
  5. Certainteed Solar
  6. Solar Promotions Group
  7. Just Energy Solar
  8. Star Cycle Power
  9. Shinning Sun Company
  10. Residential Solar
  11. Solar System Specialist
  12. Solar Power Planners
  13. Sun Burst Grid
  14. New Sun Panels
  15. Going Green Energy
  16. Solar Power Group
  17. Bright Solar Company
  18. Golden Sol Energy
  19. Energy Source
  20. Green Power Solutions
  21. Sunwise Energy Systems

Solar Energy Business Name Generator

  1. Power Plus: Forming the company name with the letter ‘p’, giving it a touch of alliteration as used in this name example will amaze people making them interested in you.
  2. NCY Energy Inc
  3. Solar Green Light Power
  4. Fama Green
  5. Solar Energy Solutions
  6. Sunspire Energy Inc
  7. Phoenix Solar Energy
  8. Outdoor Powered
  9. Real Goods Solar
  10. Blue Sky Energy
  11. Solar Electric Company
  12. Sunpower Corp
  13. Mission Solar Energy
  14. Sunedison Inc
  15. Green Energy Solutions
  16. The Power Palace
  17. Grid City Electric
  18. Shine International Inc.
  19. Sun Buddy
  20. Positive Energy Solar
  21. Power Up Solar
  22. Solar Energy Inc.
  23. Green Energy Unlimited

Solar Energy Company Names

  1. JA Solar Limited: Make the name unique by creating it with the initials of your name as mentioned in this name idea here.
  2. Solarplus Inc.
  3. Ample Energy
  4. Bella Emerald Rays
  5. Jessica Anderson
  6. Learning Solar
  7. Elexcellence
  8. Power Plus
  9. American Sentry Solar
  10. Solar Sweat
  11. Radiant Technologies
  12. Majestic May
  13. High Bar Solar
  14. Solar Technology Co.
  15. SunSolid
  16. Smithcrew Solar Co.
  17. Energy Plus
  18. Tips from Marcus
  19. Aspen Solar Energy
  20. Solar Power Planners
  21. Emunet Solar
  22. Solar Solutions Company
  23. American Sentry Solar

Solar Panel Company Names

  1. Renewable Electricity: Imply to people that solar power can be renewed and used more efficiently by picking such a catchy name suggestion.
  2. Sun Sage
  3. Longi Solar
  4. Sun Tech Company
  5. Solar Power Business
  6. Voltage of Sunshine
  7. North House Power Corp
  8. Solar Power Plus
  9. Power Source Company
  10. Streamlined Solar
  11. Sunlight Enterprises
  12. America Green Solar
  13. Green Lights Techs
  14. E-vol Energy Solar
  15. Improve Solar
  16. South Solar Energy
  17. Sunny Day Solar Solutions
  18. Solar Tool Kits
  19. Tackle Solar
  20. The New Sun
  21. Solar and Associates Inc
  22. Icy Solar Energy
  23. Brooklyn Solar Works

Energy Company & Business Names

  1. Solar Backing Company: Using this name idea will help you represent your business profile blatantly to your targeted clients and let them take less time in picking you over others.
  2. Sol’s Energy Systems
  3. New Dawn Enterprises
  4. The Solar Connection
  5. Sustain Systems
  6. Borrego Solar Systems
  7. Sun Systems Inc.
  8. Solar Power Business
  9. Surf Solar Power
  10. Stellar Energy Corp
  11. Bright Future
  12. Sunspire Power
  13. I-Sun Renewables
  14. Global Solar
  15. Eco-Friendly Energy
  16. Solar-Ray Inc.
  17. Sun Power Corp
  18. Solar Power Systemsinc
  19. Sunshine Energy
  20. Green Brilliance
  21. Southern Solar Systems

Renewable Energy Company Names ideas

  1. Solar Power Solution: The word ‘solution’ here is working as an attractive element and will draw peoples’ attention towards your company.
  2. Solar Innovation
  3. Emerald Ray Solar Solutions
  4. Sun Power Building
  5. Solar Solutions
  6. Starlight Energy Company
  7. Solar Power Solutions
  8. Next Solar Company
  9. Solar Solutions
  10. Solaire Resources, Inc
  11. Greenlight Solar
  12. SolSuntech
  13. Greenlight Ideas Solar
  14. Luminus Systems
  15. Solar Strength
  16. Sunshine and Energy
  17. Sunshower Corp
  18. Future Light Energy
  19. Grounded Energy
  20. Cell Code Solar
  21. Green Power Solar Inc.
  22. Trina Solar
  23. Harness the Sun Solar Energy
  24. Solar Solution
  25. Orbital Solar Solutions


Thank you for keeping up with us till the end of this article. We do hope that all your confusions regarding creating a Solar Company Name are now clear.

Well then start working on building names at the earliest to get the maximum attention from your targeted customers. Happy naming!

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