Personal Training Business Names: 877+ Trainer Names Ideas

We all know that health is wealth. We need to maintain our health. So, there is a surge in the number of personal training businesses. So if you are going to start a personal training business of your own you may move ahead.

we will assist you so that you can obtain your suitable and best personal training business names because titling your business with the right strategy can help you to get the maximum volume of consumers.

Social media has been influencing people about health and wellness for the past few years. And recently, the Covid-19 global pandemic has made people think that it is not sufficient to be in a good shape, they should keep their health well too.

That is why you may start a personal training business after getting a proper certification. You may start your business depending on your specialties like yoga, or gym.

The world is welcoming skilled professional trainers to the field of health and wellness so that people can get their desired health. Maintaining health is now becoming very trendy.

The revenue of a personal training business is beyond expectation. You should have studied physiology, business, or health if you are planning to open your training business.

So, there is no doubt that opening up a personal training business can help you to earn some good revenue.

And if you are able to come up with enhancing personal training business names ideas it will help you to make your income double as there will be an unexpected surge in the number of consumers.

If you are peeping for a comprehensive concept of naming procedures this article will surely encourage you.

Personal Training Business Names

  • Absolute Fitness: This will be a creative name for your training business. You may select this name to snatch the notoriety of the customers.
  • Bardsley Fitness
  • Fitness Max
  • Showtime Fitness
  • Willspace
  • Xplicit Fitness
  • InForm Fitness
  • Evolution Trainers
  • Accessible Fitness
  • Workout Loft
  • Pongo Power
  • Own Your Fitness
  • Core Strength Fitness
  • Active Guru
  • Love Your Flex
  • White Wolf Fitness
  • Zero Gravity
  • Mike’s Fitness
  • Leo Results Fitness
  • 24hr Fit Club

personal training business names.1

Personal Training Business Name Ideas

  • Aspire Private Fitness: This catchy name will be perfect for your business. This modest but lovely name will be an apt choice for you if you want to depict the quality of your job.
  • Ken Method
  • CW Health & Fitness
  • Core Fitness
  • Tribeca Health & Fitness
  • Fitness Journey
  • Fast Results Fitness
  • Fitness Edge
  • Encore Fitness
  • Simplicity Training
  • The Active Lifestyle
  • Help Arms
  • Personal Fitpro
  • Uptown Fitness
  • Ben Unger Fitness
  • Train Strong Fit
  • Muscle Mamas
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Cordell Fitness
  • Just Train
  • Fitness Fanatics

Funny Nicknames For Personal Training

  • Shaping Concepts: This is a wise name for your training business. If you opt for this name, it will create an optimistic effect on your clients.
  • Chalk Training
  • My Fitcrest
  • Whole Body Fitness
  • Dennis Hoop
  • My Fitness Chef
  • Core Fitness
  • Sculpt Theory
  • Six Point Fitness
  • Fit And Friends
  • Max Fitness College
  • Shape Shifters
  • The P.E. Club
  • Remorca Fitness
  • Golden Physique
  • Variant Fit
  • Real Tears Training
  • Peak for Life
  • SuburbanTrain
  • Adaptive Bodywork
  • Training Master
  • Health Harbor

Personal Training Company Names

  • Gymnacity: You may go for this name. Training is not only a conventional duty. If you want to express this message this name has no exception.
  • SportsLab
  • Paramount Fitness Training
  • Perfect Fit
  • Studio Lifted
  • The Trainer Forum
  • Impact Training
  • TriFIT Wellness
  • CrossFit Renew
  • Next Level Fitness
  • Elements of Motion
  • Throwdown New York
  • Zero Gravity
  • Mike Monti Fitness
  • Becker Gets Fit
  • Empowering Punch
  • Healthy Horizons
  • The Definite
  • Marinejonfit
  • Focused Fitness
  • True to our Makings

Unique Personal Training Business Names List

  • Zero Gravity: This cool name for your training business will deliver your faithful motive to the consumers so that they can count on you for their health and wellness.
  • Jukebox Journey
  • Be A Brawn
  • Scoop Pilates
  • Gotham Strength
  • Build-A-Body
  • Fitness Blueprint
  • Retro Fitness
  • SavageBody
  • Balance & Buzz
  • ArmoredTrain
  • Equinox Gramercy
  • Remorca Fitness
  • Brick Fitness
  • Athletic & Swim Club
  • Honest Wellness
  • Personal Gym
  • One Body Training
  • KardioKlub
  • Ken Method
  • Build Collective
  • Fitness Project

Personal Training Business Name Generator

  • Workout Loft
  • Fitness Together
  • Mindful Body Fitness
  • Breathe Fitness
  • The Process Fitness
  • Bound Coach Pro
  • Wild Fitness
  • Adrenaline High
  • Train Hard
  • The Body Bomb
  • Work Train Fight
  • Planet Fitness
  • Maximus Fitness
  • Orangetheory Fitness
  • CoachEndure
  • Earlier Cultivate
  • Trainers Now
  • F45 Training Nomad
  • Golden Physique

Personal Training Business Names.2

How can you choose the perfect personal training business names?

It is not a smart opinion to select any ordinary name. Naming a business is a crucial step to beginning a business primarily because your consumers get the initial notion as soon as they glance at your business’ title.

That is why selecting an expressive, competent name may impact their judgment positively in favor of your revenue. Here are some key points that you should consider if you are going to name your training business.

Know Your Business Inside Out:

The personal training industry is huge and there are a lot of categories in this industry. So, before choosing a name for your training business you should know your business plan completely and reanalyze the strategy.

After knowing every little thing about your business, you can move forward.

Attach A Tagline:

Memorable personal training business names with catchy taglines make a good impression on the customers’ minds and help them remember your brand. This will help you to lure clients and trust your firm completely. A name with a tagline is very supportive.

Listen To Others’ Opinions:

You may show your creativity by listening to others. You need to ask for feedback from your near and dear ones before making your final decision.

This will help you to learn what others are thinking about the name. You may get better ideas too.

Draw A Logo:

A logo helps you to make your firm name more acceptable and more obvious as people will be able to see it from a distance.

This will help you make a distinct presence in the market from your opponents. This will enable you to captivate the minds of the clients. This will help you to get a lot of clients.

Copyright It:

You have to register your business name to get the copyright of it, which is a vital step that you must fulfill immediately after choosing a name for your business. This will help you to learn whether the name is being used by some other companies.


Q>> How do I come up with a fitness business name?

>> You need to decide your goal first. As there are a lot of categories in the personal training industry. You need to specify the category of service you will provide in the name of your fitness business name so that the customers can understand it easily.

Q>> How do you name a personal training business?

>> If you want to give a unique name to your training business you need to consider the following things:

You need to compare short and long names. A short name is to remember for your clients.

You should choose a catchy name as they are fun to say.

You should not choose a name that is similar to popular gyms.

Q>> How do you name a fitness brand?

>> You need to give a simple name to your fitness brand that will depict your purpose and services.

Q>> How do you create a fitness brand name?

>> If you want to create a fitness brand name you need to brainstorm the names and list them, get reviews from your near and dear ones.

Q>> What are some unique fitness business names?

>> No Limit Fitness, Physiques Gym, Planet Fitness, Pongo Power, ReSet Personal Training Studio, Sea Fit, and Shore Fit are some unique fitness business names.

Let.s check those collections list.

Catchy Personal Training Business Names

  1. The Bar Method
  2. Power Performance Training
  3. Partner Power
  4. Fit From the Core
  5. Focused Fitness
  6. Supple 8 Fitness
  7. Move With Rubi
  8. Superior Fitness
  9. Showtime Fitness
  10. The Oncoming School
  11. Gridiron Gods
  12. Fitness Goals
  13. Evolution Trainers
  14. Show Up Fitness
  15. Nicole Winhoffer
  16. Visualize Fitness
  17. PyramidalShape
  18. Personal Fitness
  19. Sport Support
  20. Intelligent Strength

Funny Personal Training Brand Names

  1. Switch Playground
  2. Central Park
  3. Equinox Tribeca
  4. Comfy Fitness
  5. Citizen Wellness
  6. Fast Fitness
  7. Body Kinetics
  8. F45 Training Dumbo
  9. Fearless Fitness
  10. Muscle Mamas
  11. Fit Results
  12. Money Therapy
  13. Chelsea Piers Fitness
  14. Rest & Renew
  15. Next Levels Of Fitness
  16. Body By Kate
  17. Stronger Fitness
  18. Financial Czar
  19. Your Body Personal Training
  20. Excellerate
  21. Shaping Concepts

Female Personal Training Business Names

  1. Health Harbor
  2. The Oval
  3. Horncliff Personal Training
  4. Crunch Fitness
  5. Blissful Mind
  6. Solid Personal Training
  7. Hustle Hut
  8. Fitness U Street
  9. Work Train Fitness
  10. Tribe Fitness
  11. Jomo Personal Training
  12. Strong & Lean
  13. Training Treks
  14. Shape Up Studio
  15. Own Your Fitness
  16. Four Your Health
  17. Attentive Action
  18. Logic Fitness Studio
  19. Train Perfect
  20. Figures By Natalie

Mobile Personal Training Business Names Ideas

  1. Solo Fitness
  2. Life Time Sky
  3. Person And Power
  4. Boutique Fitness
  5. Dollar Mentor
  6. Body Edge
  7. StuyFitness on 20th
  8. Facet Seven Heights
  9. Time to Train
  10. Powerful Mind
  11. Focused Training
  12. Lakeway Personal Training
  13. Chelsea Piers
  14. Club Fit Briarcliff
  15. Insta-Trainer
  16. Thrive on the Basics
  17. Body Curves
  18. Focused Therapy
  19. Fitworks
  20. All-Round Fitfam

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Naming a business is not an easy task at all. You have to do huge research and put great effort into it. The fitness business is related to power, energy, and passion.

So, you must choose a name that depicts the company’s passion, mission, values, and reputation after following the guidelines about personal training business names.