421+ Leather Company Name For Your Luxury Leather Business

Give your leather company a justified leather name for having a remarkable footfall at your place. If you own a leather company but have not titled it yet with a name, then it is high time that you should come up with Leather Company Names. How? This article will help you.

A leather company deals with the manufacturing and producing of leather products such as suitcases, bags, shoes, and many other apparel. The company earns its revenue by selling the products directly to the customers or through third-party companies.

The leather industry is considered one of the oldest manufacturing markets. But even in this 21st century the popularity and demand of leather products has not diminished a bit.

So if you have a good business strategy then you can surely get success in this.

Also picking a captivating and unique leather company name and also some leather business name idea is one of the primary steps that can lead you to the path of success.

So read this article to the fullest for knowing all the tricks and tips of making a name creatively.

Leather Company Names

Give your company a short and simple name to make people read it quickly and memorize it easily. People have the tendency to remember short names easily, helping the business get maximum customer exposure.

  • Leather Swindle
  • Sassy Stitch
  • The Leather Emporium
  • Commodities
  • Your Leather Supplier
  • All Natural Leather
  • Lux Leather
  • Earthly Foodstuffs
  • Leather Armor
  • Endeavour Leather
  • Leather Gems
  • Forever Leather
  • The Pliable
  • All About Leather Finds
  • Alligator Leather
  • Leo’s Leather: Put your own name as the company’s name and turn it into a trending sensation for leather lovers by properly advertising it.

leather Name Ideas

When you are making up a name, you should think of your customers. How the name can be customer friendly so that they can memorize the name without any extra effort.

  • Leather Supreme
  • Little Improvised
  • Treasure Leather
  • Leather Workshops
  • A Little Leather Boutique
  • Distressed Leather
  • Special Handwoven
  • Supple Leather
  • The More Handicraft
  • Native Leather Academy
  • Mountain Leathers
  • Leather Manor
  • The small-crafted
  • Light Lambswool
  • Handstitched Group
  • Dyed Leather: Mentioning what type of leather you are selling or indicating the product’s category in the company name helps in getting only genuine customers.

Leather Business Names

If the name has the potential and capability of representing your business and delivering your potential customers your business motto, then it can be termed as a good name.

  • Leather Artistry
  • Imperial Hide
  • Endeavour Leather
  • Motorcycle Leathers
  • Leather Outpost
  • Headache Handmade
  • Leather Temptations
  • Own Oversewn
  • Mulch Leather Co.
  • Woosley leather
  • Valuable Imports
  • Headache Handmade
  • Earth Child Accessories
  • History of Leather

Leather Company Names Ideas

Make sure your chosen company name is closely linked to the products you are offering to the people. Keeping the name relevant to the business profile helps customers in choosing you quickly.

  • The Leather Shop
  • Stingray Leather
  • The Small Handicraft
  • Fresh Leather
  • The Flexible Hat
  • Traditional Homemade
  • Split Leather
  • Lambskin Leather
  • Durable Foodstuffs
  • Wo Hide Bag
  • Most Handstitched
  • Patent Pieces
  • Weathered Leather
  • Leather Atelier
  • Ever Leather
  • Trend Leather: Use the word ‘trend’ to let your potential clients know that they can get all the trendy leather items here. This would save their time for searching and choose you early.

Leather Company Names1

Funny Names For Leather Companies

Choose a funny name by including some fun-filled words in it. This will help in upgrading the customers’ mood and making them feel relaxed, energizing them to explore you more.

  • Leathered Woods
  • The Most Handicraft
  • Environmental Items
  • Stretcher Leather
  • Leather Selection
  • Shree Leathers
  • Most Hand Loomed
  • Worn Flogging
  • The Necessary Necessities
  • Luminous Leather
  • The Necessary Wares
  • Leathers Of Inspiration
  • The Small Handicraft
  • The Untanned
  • International Leather
  • Worldly Merchandise

Unique Names For Leather Products 

A name works like a brand face and making it unique can help you gain popularity among people of various categories. Because in your uniqueness lies your creative art.

  • Tips from Sandra
  • Leathers And Co.
  • White Handwoven
  • Wright’s Leather
  • The Fine Hand Loomed
  • The Most Homemade
  • The Essential
  • Vuitton Leather
  • The Most Improvised
  • Civilian Items
  • The British Materiel
  • Italian Hand Loomed
  • Light Lambswool
  • Captain Leathers
  • English Hand Loomed
  • The Flexible Hat
  • The Worldly Foodstuffs
  • Hand Craft Leather: This is a nice name idea to showcase your talent as well as promote what people can get at your place.

Leather Company Names List

Creatively making the company name is a way of showing your potentiality of how diverse your designs of the products can be. This will help your customers understand the wide choice they would have.

  • The Leathers
  • The Finest Dustpan
  • Unique Handwoven Group
  • Dress Down Time
  • Wood Be Leather
  • Solid Flogging Collective
  • GrainedLeather
  • Handstitched Group
  • The Expensive
  • The More Handicraft
  • Traditional Oversewn
  • Expensive Overhand Trading
  • The Old Overhand
  • Leather Designers
  • The Heavy Items
  • Bovine Sources
  • Mason Leatherworks

Leather Brand Names

  • Leather Legacy: If your leather company is owned by several generations, then picking this name suggestion would be an apt one to win the trust of your clients.
  • Supple Hides
  • Beautiful Handsewn
  • Old Oversewn
  • Create Handmade
  • Outlaw Fashion
  • Handmade today Handmade
  • Air pressure Leather
  • Longer Homemade
  • The Synthetic Dustpan
  • Pumps & Patches
  • Off The Saddle
  • Handstitched
  • Hamadei Handmade
  • Civilian Items
  • Grave Genuine
  • Small Handmade
  • Barefoot Leathers
  • Forever Leather: By ‘forever’ you can represent the standard quality of your product. It would attract people’s attention and increase their footfall at your place.

Leather Company Names2

Fantasy Leather Shop Names Ideas

  • Leather Fineries: Left no other option for your clients but to choose you by keeping the company name this way. The choice of words here, for instance, ‘fineries’ is symbolical of the supreme quality of the leather.
  • Hide Recycle
  • Robust Transport
  • Little Handwoven
  • Rovame Leather
  • Header Leather
  • Absolutely Fabulous Leathers
  • Frills And Thrills
  • The Dry Consignments
  • Holiday Handmade
  • Small Overhand
  • The Art Of Leathers
  • Nondurable Merchandise
  • The Intermediate
  • Stamped Read
  • Unique Handicraft
  • Burnt Leather

Leather Company Name Generator

  • The Durable Leather: Catch the eyes of people with a name idea like this that tells how strong or long-lasting your products are, so that people become your customers without having any second thoughts.
  • Fresh Cedar Accessories
  • Traditional Handicraft
  • Primary Foodstuffs
  • Dyed Dustpan
  • Tooled Skin Trading
  • Italian Homemade
  • The Necessary
  • The Electrical Commodity
  • Fine Hand Crafted
  • Nuanced Naturals
  • Dangerous
  • Most Improvised
  • Never Leather
  • Stitch And Hide
  • Wayfaring Bags
  • The Stolen Commodity
  • The Excellent Fur

What Can You Do To Create An Alluring Leather Company Name?

The name of a company is what people remember and it is by that very name that the world recognizes a company. So making the name well and precise is very important for having a good profit and reputation. Check the below tips.

  1. Brainstorming: Instead of going for single-meaning names, brainstorm unique names and mix two names together to form a new and creative name.
  2. Logo It: Pick a logo and use it with your company name. At times, logos can be also used as a handful of advertising tools in the international market as a solution to language problems.
  3. Get Feedback: Feedback is the most reliable source of understanding a trend or knowing the practical world. Therefore ask for feedback on your chosen name from close ones or strangers to improve it.
  4. Pick A Tagline: Every company now uses a tagline to represent their business aim in a better way to their potential customers. So writing a slogan relevant to your business profile can be beneficial for gaining genuine customers.
  5. Own The Copyright: When you are done picking a name for your company, make sure you register the name without any delay. Registering it would help you obtain its copyright and thus you can use it anywhere you please.

Also here we have provided some name collection lists. Let’s check it.

Leather Shoe Company Names

  1. Leather Factory: Such a direct name helps the potential customers to understand and choose better in a short time.
  2. Gauntlet Leather
  3. Fine Homemade
  4. First Overhand
  5. The Most Handicraft
  6. Basic Leather
  7. Brown Hat
  8. The Electronic Wares
  9. Most Handsewn
  10. Most Hand Loomed
  11. Tanning Collective
  12. The White Hat
  13. Traditional Tannery

Leather Wallet Brand Names

  1. Leather Heaven: Introduce your leather company as the heaven of all leathers so that people mark it as a must-go place for buying leather items.
  2. We Love Leather
  3. Kangaroo Pockets
  4. Produced Foodstuffs
  5. The Most Improvised
  6. The Most Homemade
  7. ContrabandGoods
  8. British Garments
  9. Bags And Belts
  10. Manufactured Garments
  11. All Weather Leather
  12. The Electrical Merchandise
  13. The Quality Wares
  14. Small Handwoven
  15. Leathersmiths International

Luxury Leather Business Name Ideas

  1. Love For Leather: Use this name idea to insist people who love leather products visit your company and explore its beauty.
  2. The Enough Tanning
  3. Pure Source Leather
  4. Leather For Life
  5. The Grave Consignments
  6. Oversewn Trading
  7. Environmental Imports
  8. Patent Pieces
  9. Russian Hide Place
  10. Flogging Trading Co
  11. Trusted Tanning
  12. Beautiful Handicraft
  13. Luxury Leatherworks

Leather Bag Company Names Ideas

  1. Fashionable Leather: Let your customers know what type of leather they would get at your place by mentioning it in the name just like this one here.
  2. The Spanish Dustpan
  3. Small Handsewn
  4. Thin Hide Spot
  5. Overhand Trading
  6. Glaze Accessories
  7. Made For Leather
  8. Hide And Style
  9. The Beautiful
  10. The Traditional
  11. Leather ABC
  12. Read Group

Leather Company Names For The USA

  1. Leather Estate: Putting the word ‘estate’ in the company name will give it a sophisticated touch that would help people to like it.
  2. Erase Handmade
  3. More Homemade
  4. Sourced For Leather
  5. Lever Leather
  6. Fine Leather Made
  7. WaL Street
  8. Traditional Hand Loomed
  9. Durable Foodstuffs
  10. Ladies & Leather


In the success of a company, a name plays a great role. The name acts like a strong pillar that embraces everything as the world knows the company primarily through the name. So you should pick a nice and well-thought Leather Company Name to reach out to the maximum number of people.

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