301+ Eye Catching Lash Business Names Ideas Generator

Looking for some Lash Business Names Ideas? Well, you are on the right page. Start your lash business by marketing it in a proper way to reach countless potential customers by coming up with some enticing eyelash business names.

Giving your business a worthy name can help you promote it in a seamless way and make a strong customer base. Get along with this article for some cozy ideas for creating business names.

Lash or eyelashes is an essential part of our eyes and protect our eyes from all the aerial microparticles, but their job does not just end there; lashes are also an important part of making us look more beautiful. And for this reason, people often look for extra lengthy lashes having rather natural lashes too.

The Lash business fulfills that demand by producing artificial lashes in many sizes, in many shades. The industry of lash business has been witnessing a steady surge in revenue for some years now and holds a promising high-profited future.

That’s why, before starting your lash business, you first need to come up with a catchy Lash Business Name.

A name can shoot up your sale greatly or can do the opposite too, so you need to be very careful with choosing a proper name.

Follow this blog exclusively for getting hold of all the tactics for creating such names.

Lashes Business Names

  • Lash Cafe
  • Lash-Me
  • Lashtabulous
  • Fresh Beauty
  • Classy Lash
  • Lashex
  • Lashorama
  • The Lash Dollz
  • Glister Lashes
  • Hi-Lash
  • Lash Therapy
  • Duralash
  • Eye Do Lashes
  • Dramatic Lashes
  • Eyelash Love
  • Planned Brows
  • The Eyelash Boutique: This name idea represents the thought that clients can have the opportunity of choosing lashes from a wide range of varieties at your place, providing them with many advantages.

Spiritual Lash Business Names

  • Longer Lashes
  • Hello, Lashes!
  • Alpha Eyes
  • Eye Do Lashes
  • Urban Lashes
  • Core Lashes
  • A Brow Above
  • Lashes by Cora
  • Lash Muse
  • Sensual Lashes
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Couture
  • Glamor lashes
  • Exotic Lashes
  • Sparkle Lashes
  • Warm Melody
  • Perfect Your Eyelash: Induce the thought into your clients’ minds that having perfect eyelashes is not a dream anymore through this name idea, obliging them cannot help but visit your place.

Best Names For Lashes Business

  • Lash Outfitters
  • Flutterfy
  • Elegant Lashes
  • Lash Extend
  • HypnoTyes
  • Sparkle Lashes
  • Dramatyes
  • Lash and Tell
  • Eyelash Boutique
  • Luscious Lashes
  • Ladylash
  • Chic Lashes
  • Lashes Galore
  • Beckoning Lashes
  • Eye Candy
  • Young Lashes
  • Evergreen Lashes: Show your confidence in your products’ uncompromised quality with this name suggestion so that your customers will not think twice before trying you out.

Catchy Eyelash Name Ideas

  • Butterfly Kiss
  • Luminous Lash
  • Lash Goddess
  • Fashionable Lashes
  • Lashes Lounge
  • Just Lashes
  • Flirt Lashes
  • Exquisite Lashes
  • Eye Candy
  • Lux Lashes
  • Golden Eyelashes
  • Novalash
  • Faithful Lashes
  • Selena’s Studio
  • Golden Lashes
  • Stunner Lashes

Cute Lash Business Names

  • Eylure
  • Vintage Lash Studio
  • Diva Lash
  • Mysterious Lashes
  • Lash Paradise
  • MetroLove
  • IBrow & Beauty
  • Velour Lashes
  • Hollywood Lashes
  • Eyeglitz
  • Bewitching Lashes
  • Lashberry
  • Lash Magician
  • Lashorama
  • Beautiful Lashes
  • Lash Couture
  • The Lash Clinic: Name suggestion like this will help your consumers get convinced that just like the health clinics, their search for perfect eyelashes can end at your store.

Exotic Names For Eyelashes

  • Lashadora
  • Steadfast Lashes
  • Eyelusion
  • Elevated Lashes
  • Lash Heaven
  • Chico Lash
  • Perfect Lashes
  • Sultry Wink
  • Luxurious Beauty
  • Tyra’s Lashes
  • Lash Table
  • Silky Lash
  • Incredible Lashes
  • Lash Bash
  • Smile Secrets
  • Angel Face

Unique Lash Business Names

  • Angel Lash
  • Lipstick Lashes
  • Lifted Lounge
  • Vintage Lash Studio
  • Pink Lady
  • Flirty Lashes
  • Peerless Lashes
  • Lash Magician
  • Spectacular Lashes
  • Neon Lashes
  • Lashvio
  • Lashes by Moon
  • Lashadora
  • Elegant Lashes
  • Parisian Lashes
  • Éblouissant
  • The Lash Lounge: The alliteration of the word ‘L’ will give the clients a nice feeling and positive vibe for choosing your store over others.

Lash Business Names Generator

  • Winks
  • Retro Lashes
  • Matchless Lashess
  • Cils labe!
  • Wonderful Lashes
  • Lash Artiste
  • Sticky Lash
  • Chic Lashes
  • Brow Arc
  • Dakota Lashes
  • Lash In A Flash
  • Eyepop Lashes
  • Lashform Studio
  • Lash Box
  • Feathery Studio
  • Pretty Eyes
  • Phenomenal Lashes

How Can You Turn Your Lash Business Name Into A Catchy One?

A compelling name sets a positive and energetic vibe for the customers, but yes it is true that at the same time making such names is a difficult job. Nonetheless, it is always better to at least try your best rather than stressing out doing nothing at all.

Take the help of these tips and make a catchy name on your own.

  1. >> Brainstorm A Tagline: Create a rhythmic slogan that can best illustrate your business goals but in a metrical way so that your targeted customers find that interesting to talk about more.
  2. >> Choose A Perfect Logo: Add some catchups on your selected Lash Business Name by hanging a nicely designed logo. The logo will be a perfect tool for catching your customers’ eyes.
  3. >> Avoid Lengthy Names: No one wants to spend their precious time reading a lengthy and complicated name, so consider choosing simple, easy, and short names to get maximum attention.
  4. >> Care For Remarks: Brainstorm better name ideas by having a casual talk with others about your shortlisted names and asking for their remarks.
  5. >> Eliminate Risk Factors By Securing It: Anyone can use your business name and earn profit illegally unless you protect and secure it by getting its copyright. So get the trademark of the name as soon as possible once you finalize your business name.
  6. >> Spread The Wing Online Too: Make your business available for online customers too by creating an official website for your business. Buy a ‘.com’ domain and reach countless customers even beyond the national boundary.


Q)) How To Come Up With A Lash Brand Name?

>> Follow these easy steps for coming up with some effective lash brand names, spend some time brainstorming, know your business well before thinking out a name, research the market trends, ask for feedback from your loyal customers, etc. For a more coherent idea for creating catchy names, check out this blog.

Q)) How Do I Choose A Lash Business Name?

>> The hardest part of naming a lash business is to choose the perfect and worthy name from a pool of the same. But if you go by this tip, you can surely get one.

Go for a name that is not complicated and provides a simple meaning so that the customers can relate to and remember it easily. For some more tips like this have a look at our name-creating section.

Q)) How Do I Name My Lash Business?

>> The very first step of completing the naming process of your lash business is to select a name. And then finds its trademark availableness. Then apply for the copyright of it and wait till your request gets verified by the official.

Once your application gets validated, you will be provided with the copyright of the name and will be able to use it legally.

Q)) What Can I Name My Lash Business?

>> While you are in the process of picking up a lash business name, make sure you end up with a name that relates to your selling products and is capable of connecting potential customers with your business within a moment. For some examples, look at our name suggestions.

However, if you are still struggling with creating a name, you can use name generators.

Q)) How Do I Introduce My Eyelash Business?

>> The most effective and powerful way of introducing your lash business and marking a strong impression in the client’s mind is to give it a memorable and appropriate name. A name is the brand image that will promote your business and attract customers. So picking an elegant and catchy name is very crucial for smooth success.

Also here we have shared some unique collections about this matter. So please check it.

Lash Business Names In French

  1. Luv a Lash
  2. Bling Lash
  3. Charmier
  4. Regal Lashes
  5. Lash 2 Me
  6. Best Lash Stylist
  7. Eyelash Design
  8. Flirt & Flutter
  9. Highlighter
  10. Pretty Eyelashes
  11. Legendary Lashes
  12. Inner lashes
  13. Abominable Lashes
  14. Volume VIP
  15. Fashion Lash
  16. Folicle A Salon
  17. Radical Lashes
  18. Feline Lashes
  19. Beauty Mark
  20. Lushous Lash
  21. Lash Perfection
  22. Back Lash
  23. Cara Lashes
  24. Garnet Studio
  25. Lashology
  26. Lash Paradise
  27. The Glam Room

Mink Lash Business Names

  1. Lash Us
  2. Lash Addicts
  3. Vixen Microblading
  4. Lash Lust
  5. Lashes Darling
  6. Glash Lash Lounge
  7. Beauty Boho
  8. Lash Bash
  9. The Lash Fairy
  10. Seduction Lashes
  11. Oolalash
  12. Lash For Ever
  13. Lash Barista
  14. Whip Lash
  15. The Lash Spa
  16. Lashes Utopia
  17. Lash Therapy
  18. Bella Lash Brow
  19. Lala Lash
  20. Diva Lash Studio
  21. Lashy Sue
  22. The Lash Place
  23. Eyelash Appeal
  24. She Winks
  25. Flawless Touch
  26. Wink Lash Bar

Eyelash Company Names

  1. Lash Charm
  2. Flashy Lashes
  3. Eye Kitchen
  4. Smile Lash Studio
  5. Vain Beauty
  6. Sinful Lashes
  7. Lash Therapy
  8. Addicted to Lashes
  9. Longer Love
  10. Wax Spa
  11. Fantastic Lashes
  12. Flashy Lashes
  13. Xtreme Lash
  14. Bunny Eyes
  15. Defined Cuts
  16. Pretty in Ink
  17. Paris Lash
  18. The Makeover Place
  19. Lashing Out
  20. Eyelash Education
  21. U.Lash Studio
  22. Lash Parlour
  23. Virtual Lashes
  24. Mix n Lash
  25. Eyecandy
  26. Boom Lash Lounge

Lash Business Name Ideas

  1. Divine Brow Lash
  2. The Lashista
  3. Bella Lash
  4. Happy Lashes
  5. Flutterby
  6. Bling Lash
  7. Loyal to Lashes
  8. Amoreyes
  9. Lash Goddess
  10. Micro Lashes
  11. Lush Vision
  12. Bliss For Lashes
  13. Lotus Lashes
  14. Tease Hair
  15. Tresscara
  16. Eye Candy Flair
  17. Prosper Lashes
  18. Exotic Eyes
  19. The Lash Dolls
  20. Lash Smash
  21. Lash Addicts
  22. Art Defined
  23. Full Lashment
  24. Fancy Lash
  25. Glamour Lash
  26. Totally Lashed
  27. Eye Do Lashes
  28. Blink Labs
  29. Hello Lash Studio

Catchy Lash Business Names

  1. Lash Rehab
  2. VIP Lash Studio
  3. Platinum Lashes.
  4. Better Brows
  5. Back Lash
  6. New Look Lashes
  7. Lush Lash Studio
  8. Lashes Dusk
  9. Lash Doll
  10. Loveline Lashes
  11. Fabulash
  12. Lashing Diva
  13. Planned Brows
  14. Eye Candy
  15. Evergreen lashes
  16. Whip Lash
  17. Cleopatra Lashes
  18. Lash Muse
  19. Bunny Eyes
  20. Eye Kitchen
  21. Glamoreyes
  22. Eyelash Queen
  23. Miss Lash
  24. Betty Lash Spa
  25. Lash Babe
  26. Lash Mood
  27. Lash Magician
  28. Lash Mix Studio

Eyelash Brand Name Ideas

  1. Lash Box
  2. Bright Eyes
  3. Lash Muse
  4. Blo Blowout
  5. Defined Cuts
  6. Lash House
  7. Lash Wish
  8. Escape Spa
  9. Urban Lashes
  10. Long Lashes
  11. Lash Play
  12. Live Love Lash
  13. Glitter Girls
  14. Fresh Beauty
  15. Vain Beauty
  16. Yumi Lashes
  17. Bright Eyes
  18. Makeup Experts
  19. Great Lengths
  20. Fair Eye Lashes
  21. Flirty Girl
  22. Lashes Dusk
  23. Lashaholic
  24. Envious Lashes
  25. Butterfly Kiss
  26. Lash Room
  27. Make a Wish


The lash industry is growing bigger day by day as these extensions are getting positive responses from users. So before just going with any Lash Business Names, you must well research the industry and the preferences of the customers.

You can also apply the tactics we have shared here for creating an influential name. Good luck and if you have further queries feel free to contact us and let us hear your thoughts.

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