891+ Laser Tag Business Names Ideas To Get Your Game On

Own a laser tag business but have not titled it yet with some funny laser tag business names? Wait no more and come up with a name starting with today. Follow this article to learn important tips and proper guidance for creating cool and apt laser tag business name ideas.

The laser tag business is not a new one however, it was popularized not long ago. Laser tag is a type of game where people shoot each other with the help of ‘infra-emitting light shooting guns’. All the participants here carry a device that is ‘infrared-sensitive’ for signaling.

In this business, one needs to find a proper place and conduct the shooting game. The business is more like offering interested players a space and providing them with devices for playing the game applying charges. And if you can have popularity then you can earn handsomely from doing this.

Thus, in this sector, giving a name to your business can help you advertise yourself in the best possible way and secure a place in the minds of your customers.

In this article, we will tell you how to come up with Laser Tag Business Names in a clever way.

So let’s dive in.

Laser Tag Business Names

Any name that helps represent you to your customers properly and in a positive way can be termed as a good name. A good business name thus contributes to boosting revenue.

  • Future World
  • The Brave Arena
  • Laserland
  • Reality Sedation
  • Star Blazers
  • House Of Laser
  • Star Chaser
  • Laser Tagging
  • Sigmund’s Castle
  • Collision Town
  • King of the Ring
  • Nowork Allplay
  • Laser Quest
  • Laser Brigade
  • Mobile Laser Tag
  • Battle Dome
  • Laser Tag Paradise
  • The Vortex
  • King Laser Tag
  • Breakingfree Fec
  • Kill Chamber
  • Homies Hangout
  • Cornfield Shootout
  • Laser Brigade: Terming your laser tag business as ‘brigade’ will put weight on your name, helping you attract customers’ attention more.

Laser Tag Business Names.1

Laser Name Ideas

Go for a short name if you want your one-time customers to be converted into lifetime customers. Short names are easy to read and remember and thus one can recommend them quickly.

  • Topplinterest
  • Jossver Laser
  • Mega Laser Gaming Arena
  • Orabella Laser Tag
  • Annihilator Inc
  • Midtown Med Spa
  • Bumper’s Fun Land
  • All Family Warehouse
  • Game Land
  • Mega Laser Tag Centre
  • Giant Bullet
  • Laser Tag At Top
  • Fast Moving Lasers
  • Target Masters
  • The Cornfield Shootout
  • Balderdash Bowl
  • Ai Fun Laser Tag
  • Kingdom Fort
  • Allusive Ablation
  • TrueLove Laser
  • Hostile Combat
  • Laser Kill Champion: Creating the name with catchy words is a clever way of making your clients interested in your business; just as the word ‘champion’ is used here for the same.

Laser Tag Business Names Ideas

Make your business name in such a way with easily memorable words that whenever people come across it, it gets imprinted on their minds.

  • SportsComplex
  • ExtremeLaserTag
  • Zap-O-Rama!
  • LaserQuestMobile
  • HouseOfLaser
  • ShadowFalls
  • BalderdashBowl
  • TeamTactics
  • GalaxyScape
  • DepthRaider
  • FunStationUSA
  • MissionTagging
  • Vanquish
  • FieldofDreams
  • Cosmoplex
  • RollingPinsZone
  • PhazerBattle
  • Sigmund’sCastle
  • TargetMasters
  • BattlefieldColorado
  • FairylandLaserTag
  • Laser Fighting Zone: Introduce your business place by picking a name that tells people directly about what you are offering to them. So that you can get only genuine customers.

Unique Laser Tag Business Names

A unique business name indirectly represents your honest integrity to do well in your job or perform the service with excellence. So, coming up with a unique name will help you get genuine customers.

  • Laser Mission
  • King Laser Tag
  • Escape Shoot
  • Laser-Enforcers
  • Combat Trail
  • Top Tier Laser Tag
  • Drink Eat Play
  • Sigmund’s Castle
  • Castle Hart
  • Photon Warfare
  • Laser Tag Planet
  • Dia Laser Tag
  • NorthBig laser
  • Kill Chamber
  • Mad Minute Games
  • BlankElly Laser
  • Eyes On Laser Tag
  • The Galaxy Quest
  • Cheers To A Strike
  • CosmicCombat
  • WaterNest Laser Tag Co.
  • Tactical Games
  • The Laser Spark: Careful choice of words that are rich in context and can be used elegantly is an effective way of increasing customer traffic.

Catchy Laser Tag Business Names

Give your business name an attractive touch by making it in a catchy way. Catchy names draw people’s attention faster and make them fall in love with the name helping you gain customers.

  • Laser Raiders
  • Action Unlimited
  • Laser Light Battle
  • Laser Mission
  • Arsenal Laser Tag
  • Veumio Laser
  • Bliss Entertainment
  • Zed Crossfire
  • The Social Hub
  • Awesome Odyssey Arena
  • Glow Fever
  • AstroDew Laser
  • The Laser Dome
  • Reality Sedation
  • Killers Anonymous
  • Extreme Sports
  • Tag Carnival
  • Funningtime Station
  • The Laser Fire Zone
  • Apex Arena
  • Platinum Fabricators
  • Ace Laser: Through this name idea you can indicate your strong grip in the marketplace as well as the strong customer base for getting more footfall.

Laser Tag Business Names.2

Laser Tag Business Name Generator

Keeping the name relevant to your business products is one of the essential aspects of creating a good name.  A relevant name helps you represent the business as a brand.

  • Power Up Laser Tag
  • Phazer Battle
  • Going To Battle
  • Monster Bash
  • Galaxy Laser Tag
  • Bramble Laser Tag
  • Bowl A Strike
  • Entertainment Enterprise
  • Star Force Arena
  • Crimson Castle
  • Indotrex Laser Tag Co.
  • The Jumping Jungle
  • Zombie Lab
  • Meow Meow Laser Tag
  • Lounge About
  • Laser Revolution
  • Indoor Lasers
  • Indowave Laser Tag Co.
  • Mission Control
  • Cosmic Explosion Center
  • Laser Adventure: Mentioning your business as an adventurous place can be beneficial in making people curious about it and eventually driving them to your place physically.

How Can You Turn A Dull Laser Tag Business Name Into An Attractive One?

Naming an organization is a very big responsibility and so, it requires careful planning and quality time. That is why, while you are in the process of making a Laser Tag Business name you should consider certain things. Below are some of them.

  1. Add a tagline: Write a tagline of one or two lines in a rhythmic way. The slogan must be relevant to your business name and have the potential to represent you properly.
  2. Hear others out: Even if you are done finalizing your name, still you should ask for opinions from others, for instance, your friends or colleagues about your chosen name. So that you can have a better choice.
  3. Design an alluring logo: Designing an eye-catching and well-thought-out logo can become a useful instrument in dragging people’s attention toward your business and help you increase your customers’ footfall.
  4. Register your name first: The most crucial step of generating a name is to secure it by obtaining its copyright officially. Go through the name registration process and provide all the necessary details for completing the trademark procedure.
  5. Never copy from others: This is one of the widely done mistakes. Never go for a name that is already in use by others, it can ruin your business reputation, and besides it is illegal. Instead, take your time and come up with a unique name by yourself.

Here we have provided some funny business name idea lists. Let’s check it.

Clever Laser Tag Company Names

  1. Battleship Isle: Name your business after this one here to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of your player clients.
  2. TargetMasters
  3. OceansideEntertainment
  4. TakedownTimeSports
  5. ManeuverMagic
  6. ThunderDome
  7. LaserTagTroopers
  8. LaserTagHQ
  9. JubilationLanes
  10. ShootingStarBowl
  11. AlleyNights
  12. PristineLaserTag
  13. BarrelOfMonkeys
  14. TheFortofDoom
  15. UprightLaserTagCo.
  16. LaserDeathTrap
  17. GameLand
  18. LaseredGlassware
  19. Leo’sInkEngraving
  20. PlayARound
  21. UndercoverLazer
  22. CombatCarnage
  23. MissionImpossible
  24. SinisterResonance
  25. Laser Lane: Building the name in a way where there is an alliteration of letters helps come under observation of busy people.

Funny Laser Tag Business Names

Creating a name with some funny words in it can often help you gain attention even from people who are not generally interested in the business.

  1. Hell’sKitchen
  2. Focused LaserShooters
  3. NorCalLaserTag
  4. LaserTagMasters
  5. BeamEngraving
  6. GoodVibesLaserShop
  7. ThePitofDoom
  8. ContinentalFieldSystems
  9. TacticalAdventureGames
  10. LaserRaiders
  11. BattleZoneXtremeHeroes
  12. BattleDome
  13. RecreationLaserCentre
  14. DragonForge
  15. WhatA3dRelief
  16. LaVeuLaserTag
  17. FunLaserThing
  18. StarlightSquadronCommand
  19. MysticalGrove
  20. TerminatorLaserTag
  21. LazerQuest

Creative Names For Laser Tag Business

One should always choose a creative name to showcase the potential of doing or offering the services or products differently from those of others. So that people can choose you over others.

  1. StarshiTag
  2. ShootingLegend
  3. SeriouslySocial
  4. GunBattles
  5. TacticalAdventureGames
  6. Meetgreet
  7. SupersonicLaserTag
  8. LaserParadise
  9. FutureWorld
  10. LiveFireLaserCenter
  11. Bad To The Bone
  12. Killers Anonymous
  13. Laser Or Blazer
  14. Laser Battlezone
  15. Family Fundays
  16. CrazyLaserGames
  17. RedpinCafe
  18. SignTechniciansEngraving
  19. Danger Zone Ville
  20. Cosmic Conquest
  21. Laser Falldown
  22. Arizona Flow Design
  23. Cold War Laser Tag
  24. Laser Adventure
  25. Freedom Fun USA
  26. Laser Tag Maniacs
  27. Killer’s Laser Gun

Laser Tag Team Names

  1. Laser Warz: Giving your business a name like this will help your clients understand better what your business is about.
  2. Get Lazed
  3. Fun Time Junction
  4. Escape To Play
  5. Knights of Laser
  6. Med Laser USA
  7. Funergetics
  8. Struts And Strikes
  9. Deep Space
  10. Laser Consistency
  11. Wooden Wonder Works
  12. Lost Dimension
  13. LaserCuttingHut
  14. LaserTaggingHall
  15. EsapeCave
  16. Cheers To A Strike
  17. IndentedDesigns
  18. Frenzy with Lasers
  19. CrazyLasers
  20. Space Laser Castle
  21. Star Commando Squad
  22. Water Nest Laser
  23. Laser Station
  24. AeroMaxLaserTag
  25. DodgeandShot

Laser Tag Brand Names Ideas

  1. House of Laser: Describe your business name in such a way that it inspires your clients to have an imaginative visual of your place.
  2. CodeTagLaserTag
  3. LeisureinLaser
  4. Planet Storm
  5. Extreme Invazion
  6. Pixel Blast
  7. Leisure In Laser
  8. Laser Burn Designs
  9. Reality Sedation
  10. Laser Tag Mavericks
  11. ExtremeSports
  12. Fairyland Laser Tag
  13. LaserFocused
  14. The Laser Tag Association
  15. X-tremeWarrior
  16. TheLaserSpark
  17. FireAway
  18. LaserWorldEscape
  19. LaserCrowd
  20. AsclepionLaserTechnologies
  21. ExtremeInvazion
  22. CosmicConquerors
  23. On the Edge
  24. MetalTronicsInc
  25. FireballMountain

Laser Tag Company & Business Name Ideas

  1. Lazer Rush: Using a word like ‘rush’ in your business name will be handy in creating a craze among your potential customers for the game.
  2. DepthRaider
  3. LaserRampage
  4. TheLithograph
  5. ZapBlastOff
  6. LaserstrikeFusion
  7. PhotonPursuit
  8. MobileLaserTag
  9. MonsterBash
  10. ArtisanKingdom
  11. DoubleTFabricationSupply
  12. ShootEmUp
  13. TagTakedowTeam
  14. QualityFenceandWelding
  15. PlanetStorm
  16. StrikeoluckBowling
  17. WorldOfSports
  18. BrunoxLaserTagCo
  19. BeamSmith
  20. LaserOfTime
  21. LaserTagAtTop
  22. TheGalaxyQuest
  23. VirtualLaserRaiders
  24. Laser Shooting Alley: Adding the word ‘alley’ at the end of your business name is like an extra attraction that people will wonder about.


That’s it! These are the most important tips for creating a suitable business name successfully and now that you have read it all, you can surely come up with a captivating Laser Tag Business Name. Just make sure to keep the name customer-friendly. Happy naming.

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