625+ Biggest Holding Company Names Ideas For Real Estate Business

Holding company names correctly to approach the right type of clients and subsidiary companies. A proper holding company name idea can change the whole course of your business journey in a positive way. Read this article till the end to know how to do it.

A holding company is also known as a parent company, that is, it owns the other companies to such a percentage extent, that it can take or oversee all the policies and decisions. And the companies that are under its control are known as subsidiaries.

A holding company can own a minimum of 51 percent share to a maximum of 100 percent. And the profit also varies accordingly. There are mainly two types of profit generated by a holding company. However, approaching and dealing with the right type of clients is the key.

Therefore, giving a suitable and justified unique & catchy holding company name holds great importance in boosting the company with good revenue.

However, there are certain ways and tricks in creating such a name.

And we are going to discuss it here all.

Holding Company Names

A short name helps customers read the name within a short period of time. It also helps people to memorize it without any extra effort and when the time comes, they can remember it quickly too. So, keeping the business name short has many advantages.

  • Sunstone Holdings
  • Diamond Holdings
  • Nexus Holdings
  • Hope Ventures Group
  • Oakwood Real Estate Inc.
  • Lazy Lake
  • Horizon Holdings
  • Extravagant Investments
  • Hushed Holders
  • Solidus Holdings
  • Radiant Horizon Holdings
  • Genworth Financial
  • Strategic Enterprises
  • Supernova Summit Group
  • Primary Profit
  • Sunny Day
  • Horizon Helix Ventures
  • Marchand Ex
  • Aegis Wealth Management
  • Elite Investments: Your company name should be enough to pick you at the very first interaction with your customers and such a name like this one here, has the potential of that.

Funny Holding Company Names

Offer something different from the conservative way and name your company a little bit funnily. Funny names attract every type of people making your visitor’s list a long one and increasing the chance of getting maximum potential customers.

  • Paragon Phoenix Group
  • Landscape Holdings
  • Aegis Wealth Management
  • Olympus Holdings
  • IrisCenters
  • Apex Holding Company
  • Sunny Sky
  • Liberty Ventures
  • Quintessential Quill
  • ArrowCross
  • Allstate Corporation
  • Amplitude Holdings
  • Southwest Lumber
  • Eagle Holdings Ltd
  • Samba Financial Group
  • BestPass
  • Decatur Investment
  • NexusPoint Group

Holding Company Name Ideas

A good name has the capability to represent the business in an understandable way to the people. So that, whenever your potential clients come across the name, they can know what service you are offering them.

  • The Data Republic
  • Clear Trend Enterprises
  • Fusion Foundations
  • Crescendo Holdings
  • Cardinal Financial Group
  • StoryRite
  • God’s Holding Company
  • Hot And Cold Food
  • The Lumber Room
  • Giga Grasp Holdings
  • Art Holdings
  • Apexis Holdings
  • Alpha Enterprises
  • Exchange Company
  • Zenith Zone Holdings
  • Allegro Holdings
  • Alpha International
  • Aegis Capital Corporation
  • Pinnacle Capital: Satisfy the queries of your potential clients and make them choose you over others by naming your holding company in such a way.

Real Estate Holding Company Names

If your chosen name is not related or relevant to the services you provide to your clients, then there is no point in hanging a name. A relevant name represents your business motto in the best possible way and attracts customers.

  • Cyprus Company
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Boston Tree Holdings
  • Fresh Frozen Fries
  • CrestPeak Holdings
  • Rayfield Investments
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Wesco Financial
  • Shotput Ventures LLC
  • Northern Trust Corporation
  • BoldBridge Holdings
  • Radiant Rift Holdings
  • Acme Holding Company
  • Visionary Ventures
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • Blackrock Holding Group
  • Stellar Catalyst Group
  • Cooper Building Materials

Famous Holding Company Names

The advantage of making a company name memorable is, helping your loyal and long-time customers recommend you to others and thus gain a strong customer base.

  • Credit Agricole
  • Regions Financial Corporation
  • Bogus Accounting
  • Phoenix Nexus Holdings
  • Northern Trust Corporation
  • Terra Proxima
  • Woori Finance Holdings
  • Kagool Enterprises
  • Aegis Group
  • Elysium Holdings
  • Shift Communications
  • Yang Corporation
  • Willow Wave Holdings
  • Touchstone Venture Holding
  • Ersatz Management
  • Equinox Innovations
  • Sony Financial Holdings
  • Amaze Financial Inc
  • Tech Team Investors
  • Legacy Holdings: This elegant name idea is perfect to impress your clients if you are running a holding company through two or more generations.

Subsidiary Company Names

Going for a creative name is a clever way of showing your potential clients how diverse and creative you can be on the working level. It also shows your integrity as naming creatively is a work of long duration.

  • Moonlighting Ventures
  • Kismet Knot Holdings
  • Resilient Holdings, Inc
  • Restless Ventures
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
  • Trumpery Holdings Group
  • Aegis International
  • Synapse Group
  • Business In Session
  • Little Dream
  • Aeon Ark Holdings
  • Cloudy Sky Holdings
  • StellarMind Holdings
  • Aegis Capital
  • Mammoth Holding Company
  • KB Financial Group
  • Shenanigans Midnight Corp.
  • Morning Glory Properties LLC.

Best Name For Property Holding Company

Most people prefer the best name whenever they search for a new service provider. And the reason is, that the more unique the name is, the more different the service or experience will be than that of others.

  • York Holding Company
  • Creativa Ventures
  • Business Planned
  • Mother Earth Building Material
  • Zenith Zephyr
  • Balanced Checkbook Team
  • Hana Financial Group
  • The Lumber Room
  • Good Luck Properties
  • Sloan Enterprises
  • Astranova Group
  • In The Bag Holdings
  • Pop Up Startup
  • Steady Stream Deposits
  • Merkel Venture
  • Cathay Financial
  • Genworth Financial
  • Aetheric Holdings
  • Black Pearl Financial
  • Jay’s Holding: Name the company after your name or with the initials of your partners to give it a catchy touch as well as to keep the uniqueness intact.

Holding Company Names1

Holding Company Name Generator

Make your company name in a catchy and alluring way to have the attention of both the customers and your rivals in the marketplace.

  • Golden Street
  • Wide Wing Holdings
  • CTBC Financial Holding
  • Asset or Hindrance
  • Intelligent Future Group
  • Exaltis Capital
  • Captain Unicorn
  • In the Cloud Investments
  • Maximizer Estates
  • Four Rivers International
  • Springleaf Holding
  • Diversify Domain
  • Allstate Corporation
  • Prince of Investing
  • Progressive Bancorp
  • Samba Financial Group
  • Real Estate Maven
  • Jefferies Financial
  • White Wing Financial
  • Eternity Investment

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How Do I Find The Best Name For My Holding Company?

A strong name is a strength and thus works as one of the strong pillars towards achieving success. That is why, while creating a captivating Holding Company Name, one should take enough care as it will ultimately reflect the business motto.

Here are some things that you can work on for that.

  1. Use The Fusion Technique: Instead of just picking words of a single meaning, go for two different words and mix them together to create a fusion. This way you can create both creative and unique naming words.
  2. Go For A Logo: A logo is a handy tool for keeping your customers loyal to you. A well-designed logo works like a brand face so whenever people fail to recognize you from afar, the logo helps them to do so and helps your customers find you easily.
  3. Ask For Remarks: You need to take care of your customers’ interests too. So ask for opinions from strangers on your selected name. Thus you can get an understanding of what people prefer more and create accordingly.
  4. Tagline It: Using a tagline for describing your business purpose or products by writing a few catchy words can help you draw more attention from people as well as compete in the market well.
  5. Get The Copyright Done: Once you finish the name-picking process, make sure you do not forget to register it to obtain its copyright. A copyright is like having a power that bars others from using your name without letting you know.

Also, check out those catchy name-collection lists.

Parent Company Names

  1. City Holding: Naming your company after the city or local area you have your company in, often represents your genuineness and people tend to choose this type of company more.
  2. London Square Properties
  3. Welland Holdings
  4. NimbleNexus Holdings
  5. Firebird Holding Company
  6. Jefferies Financial
  7. Kraft Foods Inc
  8. WiseWatchtower Group
  9. Daishin Securities
  10. DBS Group Holdings
  11. HDIC Holdings
  12. Torrid Tandoor
  13. Tiger Holdings
  14. From The Ground
  15. Independent Alliance Banks Inc

Family Holding Company Names

  1. Trust Holding: It is important to have trust between two parties for having a long-lasting business relationship and this name is the ideal one to make your clients trust you.
  2. Aegis Advantage
  3. Admiralty Seafoods
  4. AstuciousArbor Ventures
  5. Spurious Trading Inc.
  6. Dark Horse Collective
  7. Start Us Up Financial
  8. Tighter Wood Holding
  9. Beacon Country Corp.
  10. ShrewdShelter Holdings
  11. The Point Development
  12. Welland Holdings
  13. Wave Holding Company
  14. The Data Republic
  15. Great Plains Bancshares Inc

Holding Company Names For business

  1. Holding Solutions: Creating the company name by using the word ‘solution’ is a nice way of advertising the motto that all the holding problems have only one solution and that is you.
  2. HDIC Holdings
  3. Across the Border Ventures
  4. Metropolitan Trust Company
  5. Cutex Holdings
  6. Legal and General Group Plc
  7. Sloane Investments
  8. Forest Hill Realty
  9. Thompson Enterprises
  10. SharpSanctuary Holdings
  11. Canna Venture Holdings
  12. CA Financial
  13. Start Us Up Financial
  14. Chachi Industry’s
  15. Principal Financial Group
  16. VigilantVilla Group
  17. Copeland Holdings
  18. Asset Medieval Holdings

Company Name Holdings

  1. Holding Advisory: Picking such a name suggestion will change your approaching style to your potential clients.
  2. Sikhs Investments
  3. Custodian Holdings Inc
  4. Franklin Bancorp Inc
  5. Domestic Dreams
  6. JudiciousJunction Group
  7. Aloha Property Holdings
  8. Bihar Conglomerates
  9. Wiggles Holdings
  10. Regions Financial Corporation
  11. Industrial Stone
  12. Pall Corporation
  13. Great-West Lifeco
  14. Kerala Investments
  15. Wilson Financial Services
  16. Endless Holdings

Unique Names For Holding Companies

  1. National Holding Group: Through this name suggestion you can have a national approach reaching every customer from every corner of the nation; extending the company beyond the local boundary.
  2. GraspGlobal Holdings
  3. Greatlinks Investments
  4. Progressive Bancorp
  5. My Life Holding
  6. Professional Services
  7. InsightInfinity Group
  8. Specialty Holding Corporation
  9. Exa Quality Inc.
  10. Misinterpreted Developers
  11. Starting Hands Holdings
  12. Knowledgeable Ventures
  13. Blockchain Holding Corp
  14. Proteus Investments
  15. Wesco Financial


Whether a company will succeed or fall to its doom greatly depends on how you create the company name. So, whenever you are in the process of making a Holding Company Name, make sure you have enough time on your hands to choose the right one. Happy naming.