777+ Luxury Event Planning Company Names For Your Business

Are you considering setting up an event planning company but somehow not sure what to name it? Well, don’t worry anymore, we are here to guide you with all the necessary tips and guidelines for creating Event Planning Company Names.

An event planning company deals with the planning or decoration of all events like weddings, personal or corporate meetings, festivals, birthday parties, etc. The global market value of this business is growing rapidly as in this 21st century, more people are showing interest in well-organized events.

Being an event planner, you can offer all sorts of event services or you can just stick to any one type of service. However, in either case, the profit margin remains high, mainly because the industry is growing at a 14.76% CAGR.

So, if you can come up with a well-thought eye-catching, and unique Event Planning Company Name idea, then you can definitely get a stronghold in the market.

Concerned about how to do so? This article will provide you with everything.

So let’s dive in.

Event Planning Company Names

  • The Function Junction: Funny name ideas like this one that create a rhythmic sound when uttered catch the attention of potential customers more rather than a serious type dull company name.
  • Fusion Events
  • Fab Functions
  • Luxury Events
  • Creative Catering
  • Magical Events
  • Wonder Weddings
  • Hallea Events
  • Inspired Connections
  • Event Efficiency
  • Noteworthy Events
  • Hip2Party
  • Luxurious Events
  • Clutch Events
  • Glitz & Glamor
  • Go Out With Events
  • Go Team Adventures
  • Carat Gold Events
  • Endless Events
  • Platinum Events
  • A Kurant Event
  • Events by Isabella: This type of name idea is not new in the market, but it was not so popular earlier. However, nowadays the scenario has changed and it has become a trend to name this.

Event Planning Company Names.1

Corporate Event Planning Business Names

  • Premier Planning: Assure your consumers regarding the standard and quality of the services you provide through such a suggestion and that they can keep their faith in you without any second hesitation.
  • Anything Events
  • Fuse Events
  • Wildflower
  • Alive Events Agency
  • Funky Events
  • Romantic Weddings
  • Event Emporium
  • Grillz and Gownz
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Ranch Events
  • Staging Associations
  • Wedding Bliss
  • Revelry Life
  • Lifeline Management
  • Sunset Point
  • Gemstone Events
  • The Storybook Event
  • Polka Dot Events
  • Exclusive Events
  • Wise Guys Events
  • The Event Collective: Some people plan double or multiple events at the same time or in a continuous manner to maintain their budget. Become an ideal place for such customers by picking this name suggestion.

Luxury Event Company Names

  • Event Solutions: Convince people that your company has the capability to provide solutions to any event management-related problems by opting for a name idea like this. The only thing they need to do is just hire you.
  • National Event Pros
  • Amazingly Executed
  • Event Designer
  • Happenings
  • Starfish Entertainment
  • Wish Granters
  • Earth Events
  • Global Unique Events
  • Event Producer
  • Seattle Event Works
  • Anything Events
  • Plan Bee Events
  • Yellow House Events
  • Silver Lining Events
  • Event Fashion
  • Events By Tasha, LLC
  • Bug The Budget
  • Event Guard
  • Seattle Wedding Show
  • Make Merry Events: If you want your customers to have a nice and positive vibe as soon as they visit your company name, then this name suggestion is perfect for you.

Funny Event Planning Company Names Ideas

  • Celebrate In Style: Offer your customers something extra within the budget through this name idea as everybody wants their big day to happen in an orderly way but if they can get it done with style, then who would not like that?
  • Glitz & Glamor
  • Function Planner
  • True North Event
  • Black Cloth
  • American Royal Palace
  • Events Diva
  • Chaotic Events
  • Royal Occasions
  • Bright Event Rentals
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Bright Ideas
  • Artistic Events
  • Planning Gurus
  • Swank Productions
  • EVP Events
  • Decorative Events
  • Good Time Design
  • Divine Planners
  • Party Pies
  • The full view
  • Party Starts Here Events: This creative event planning company name will help you to stand out in the crowd and make your own identity successfully.

Event Planning Names Ideas

  • Evergreen Event Planning: Events are for one day or two but the memory of that remains for the rest of the life. So, naming your company this way would help customers understand your responsibilities as a company.
  • Grad Night
  • Event Success
  • Awesome Events
  • Sidekick Events
  • The Organi
  • Hip-Hop-A-Roo
  • Royalty Events
  • Luxurious Memories
  • Simply Events
  • Herban Feast
  • Workshop Events
  • Event Happens
  • Magical Moments
  • Wishful Planners
  • Special Moments
  • The Go Game
  • Big Wave Events
  • I Love Parties
  • Conference & Touring
  • Events-4life
  • Halloween Event Co.
  • Budget and Beyond Events: This name will be the perfect combination of words that will make you laugh and attract customers.

Event Management Company Name

  • Professional Planning: Almost all people like to hire a professional company for planning their event as it would be a lifetime memory for them. So, indicating the skill in the company name can be beneficial in getting customers.
  • Stir Up Events
  • Olympic Ballroom
  • Blue Moon Events
  • The Bliss
  • Ever After Events
  • Finish Line
  • Perfect Day Events
  • Meeting Mania
  • Urban Art & Design
  • Festive Events
  • First Comes Events
  • Grit City Weddings + Events
  • Fun Party Planner
  • Event Resources
  • H4 Consulting
  • Sip and Twirl Events
  • All That Jazz
  • The Big Night Events
  • Central Event
  • Metropolitan Events
  • The Queen of Parties: This catchy name will be potential enough to captivate the minds of your customers and they will rely on you completely.

Event Planning Business Names Generator

  • Celebration Central: Imprint into your customers’ minds the thought that whenever they think about doing any celebration they must come to you. The name idea here is a nice example of that.
  • Events Extraordinaire
  • Dazzling Events
  • Diamond Events
  • Ed Streit Productions
  • Idea Event Planning
  • Tie The Knot
  • Magical Moments
  • Event emporium
  • Madres Kitchen
  • Golden Square Events
  • Evocative Agency
  • Corporate Night Out
  • Exciting Events
  • Even Charms
  • Butterfly Socials
  • Lisa Dupar Catering
  • The Organiser
  • Lighthouse Events
  • Spirit Events
  • Magical Moments: This will be one of the best event planning company names that will surely help to earn huge revenue in the future.

Event Planning Company Names.2

What Can You Do To Make Your Event Planning Company Names Attractive?

Picking up any random name as your Event Planning Company Name will not help you attract customers. You have to brainstorm creative and unique words for that. Here are some ways that you can follow to do so –

  1. Choose meaningful words: Make sure your selected words carry the meaning relevant to that of your business or the services. Irrelevant names will not only decrease customer footfall but also damage your revenue growth.
  2. Don’t make the name too long: Never go for names that are too lengthy. Customers tend to forget lengthy names whilst they remember short names quickly. Thus they can also recommend you to others.
  3. Use a tagline: Using a tagline can help engage and introduce customers to your services. Create a two-line rhythmic slogan that fits well with your company name and represents your services.
  4. Draw logo: Having your own logo can come in handy in generating new customers in a foreign land as well as in promoting the company in the local area. It also helps illiterate customers to find you easily.
  5. Do not copy others: Avoid creating names that are already in use; instead, take inspiration from other successful business stories and personalities and then brainstorm creative words to form a unique name.
  6. Deliver a message: You can also create your company name in such a way that it contributes to spreading social or ecological awareness, contributing to making the world a far better place.
  7. Seek feedback: It is always advisable to seek feedback from your family members, friends, or colleagues to know whether your chosen name will work or not. This way you can have lots of name suggestions.
  8. Get the copyright: It is a very crucial step in making the name completely yours. Go through the trademark registration process and get the name’s copyright as soon as you finalize the name.

Also here we have some collections about this topic. Let’s check it out.

Wedding Event Planning Business Names

  1. Urban Event Planner: Naming the company after the locality of your office or business place can help you get a firm hold of the industry and buy you enough time to stabilize the business through local customers.
  2. Showtime Events
  3. Artsy Planning Solutions
  4. Culture House
  5. Blissful Events
  6. Glamorous Occasions
  7. Sweet Occasions
  8. Pocketful of Dreams
  9. Strategic Planners
  10. Meridian Events
  11. Campion Ballroom
  12. Untouchable Events
  13. My Party Planners
  14. Luxurious Planning
  15. Visionary Events
  16. Absolute Perfection
  17. Corporate Affairs
  18. Angelus Events
  19. Unlocked Events

Unique Event Planning Business Names Ideas

  1. Villa Ragusa
  2. Beyond Festivities
  3. Net Effect Media
  4. Lifeline Planning
  5. Great Occasions
  6. Royal Events
  7. White Tent Events
  8. Rainbow Events
  9. The Clever Countdown
  10. Stellar Events
  11. Showtime Events
  12. A.Enterprise
  13. Birthday Blings
  14. Party Rock Events
  15. Plannersaza
  16. Lovely Flowers LLC
  17. Events Expo
  18. Luxe Planning
  19. Realistic Visions
  20. Da Kine Island Grill

Best Names For event planning company

  1. Graceful Corporate Galas: If your target customers are from the corporate sector only, then this name idea is enough to impress them.
  2. Primo Events
  3. Empire Entertainment
  4. I Do Events
  5. Harmonious Events
  6. Love Blooms
  7. Wisdom Weddings
  8. Unique Planners
  9. Celebrations Unlimited
  10. Unique Events
  11. Wedding Bliss Events
  12. Content Hearts Events
  13. Acme Events
  14. Perfect Day Events
  15. Confetti Events
  16. The Blushing Details
  17. Firework Events
  18. Events Architects

Event Planning Business Names Ideas List

  1. Event Classic: Catch the eyes of sophisticated and elegant people who like everything to be done in a classic way by giving your company a name like this one.
  2. Sweet Peach Parties
  3. Le Rêve Event
  4. Event Mentor
  5. Marvelous Moments
  6. Homegrown Event
  7. Central Planning
  8. Perfect Events
  9. The Third Party
  10. Firework Events
  11. Longhorn Event
  12. Sky High Events
  13. Rainbow Events
  14. Avantplanners
  15. Oh Oh Occasion!
  16. Sweet Events
  17. Etcetera Events Inc.
  18. Event Quest!
  19. Earthbound Planer
  20. The Original
  21. Event Professionals Inc
  22. Fun Connections
  23. Weddings Unveiled


How one names one’s company, greatly influences what type of consumers the company will get.

That’s why, you should always keep the Event Planning Company Name relevant to the services you offer for getting the maximum number of genuine customer reach.

Further, make sure your company name is easy to utter and simple to remember. Good luck!

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