DJ Business Names: 233+ Unique & Best DJ Names Ideas

Want to create a fanbase for becoming a popular DJ Business Names in the DJ business industry? Wait no more and stitch a cool DJ business name to your profile for getting attention from clients. Although that may sound easy, however coming up with creative names is not easy at all. That’s why you have us, we will guide you through the process of creating names.

DJ is the acronym for Disc Jockey which is a very commonly uttered word for young generations as they like to spend time attending programs offered by DJs. The term has also got likeness by adults for its creative musical tracks. Depending on the genres, there can be categories of DJs.

The job role of a DJ includes playing music by combining recorded audio in such a blended manner that it sounds really cool. And for that, they use tools like CDJs, turntables or controllers, etc.  According to the type of occasion, one can hire DJs for birthdays, personal parties, weddings, etc.

Apart from personal hiring for occasions, the growing number of pubs and bars has also made the demand for skilled DJs high in the market.

And thus opening a DJ business can be a profitable career.

So making up some unique DJ business name ideas would be a clever decision.

DJ Business Names

  • DJ Wave
  • Mnemonic DJ
  • Amaziya
  • DJ Zing Zombie
  • Dj Krokus
  • The Audio Anarchist
  • Pastaria
  • Party starters
  • First-Dance DJs
  • Wire pullers
  • Motorino
  • Sweet Sensation
  • Dj Oops
  • Dunkaroos
  • DJ Euphemism
  • Auto DJ
  • My Party Musicians
  • DJ Dreamer
  • DJ Limitless
  • DJ Killjoy
  • Valley DJ Service
  • DJ Live: Evoke the overwhelming excitement that your clients would want to feel by attending the live performance with this exciting name idea.

DJ Company Names

  • DJ Mix
  • Seabright
  • Dj babyWow
  • DJ Relentless
  • Virus Boom Dj
  • Dubulous
  • Dj Fara
  • DJ connection
  • Punch Pizza
  • DJ Boom Boom
  • Dj Alpha house
  • Techno Beats
  • DJ Starsky
  • Party Pro DJ
  • DJ network
  • DJ Heartbeat
  • DJ RixMix
  • Dj Prono bear
  • Pizzeria Vetri
  • Wicked Dubs
  • DJ Mix: An absolutely perfect name suggestion for detailing the service you offer to the people out there who are looking for a DJ.

Unique DJ Business Names Ideas

  • DJ Mania
  • Dj Yorkbang
  • DJ Alcool
  • Dj FusionShade
  • Endless Nights DJ
  • DJ Pulse
  • Cool One DJ
  • TeenBoost
  • Dj Dimention
  • DJ Jazz
  • Monstar DJ
  • DJ Brothers
  • Dj BitLayer
  • Dj Dude Monkey
  • DJ Tresto
  • The Hip Hop DJ
  • Dj Scrutt
  • Dj Two Virgin
  • DJ EarthSwing
  • Dj CrystleWire
  • DJ Next Generation: Connect emotionally with the youngsters for building your own fanbase and a strong customer base by picking this name suggestion.

Catchy DJ Company Names

  • The Love Shack
  • Galleria Umberto
  • Mad Dogg
  • DJ Connection
  • TruGood
  • DancehallDJ
  • DJ Prime
  • Good Times DJ
  • Song Dawg Productions
  • Del Popolo
  • Staccato Sounds
  • AtomixDJ
  • DJ Wave
  • DJ Sunlight
  • DJ Baby Girl
  • DJ Martix
  • DJService
  • NewBug
  • DJ Punch
  • Pizzeria Bianco
  • Professional DJs: A name idea like this will help you leave a strong impression in the minds of customers who want everything to be perfect.

Dj Business Names List

  • DJ Aviator
  • DJ Ballad Bill
  • The Funk DJ
  • Taylor Audio Visual
  • DJ Robin
  • Dj Krokus
  • DJ Xenolith
  • DJ Cure
  • The Halloween DJ
  • DJ Be Live
  • DJ Party Planners
  • DJ Phantom
  • Dj CocoWash
  • GreatEagle
  • DJ Capriccio
  • Dj Spotberry
  • Dj ThunderVoice
  • DJ Apex
  • Dj Tottori
  • CappaCale
  • DD#Dancing DJ: The matching initials of this name idea will give your clients a chill and help them find you quickly and easily.

DJ Business Names Generator

  • Professional DJ Services
  • NudeSing
  • Dj Great Eagle
  • Dj MadTown
  • DJ Fractor
  • Appello
  • Dj UPCrew
  • Dramatic DJ
  • Bass Beaterz
  • The Dance Floor Doctors
  • Mighty DJ
  • Dj Alone Matter
  • Mixing DJ
  • DJ Xenolith
  • Big Bada Boom DJ
  • Dj Slayer
  • Dj EarlyWish
  • DJ Mellow Moods
  • Queen B’s
  • BrownDegree

How To Convert Boring Names Into Catchy And Cool DJ Business Names?

If you want to be different from the rest of the others and want your clients to like you over others then you must create a name for your business.

A name is the only way through which you can attract the eyes of your potential clients at the very first go, even without an elaborate introduction. So creating catchy names is very crucial for gaining customers and for that consider these easy tips.

  1. >> Create A Classy Name: A DJ business is not like any other business and the process of creating a space of your own can become a hectic one unless you go for a classy name. While shortlisting name ideas, make sure you maintain the standard of the name.
  2. >> Go With Your Type: An easy way of coming up with DJ business names is to consider what type of DJ business you are into. This way, you can create relevant names matching the type and also use that as a part of the unique name.
  3. >> Ask For Feedback: You can get a glimpse of whether your name would make a difference and influence people or not by asking the opinions of others on the name. Doing so will help you invent effective names and choose better.
  4. >> Give It A Cool Logo: Represent yourself to the vast crowd and approach them by creating a useful logo that people will find alluring. Decorating your DJ business with a suitable name and an exquisite logo will give people positive vibes about your business.
  5. >> Go For An Easy One: Your generated name should be flexible enough so that people of every age can relate to it. Choose positive and less complicated words for making the name easily utterable, memorable, and pleasant to hear.
  6. >> Sing A Tagline Along: For making your DJ business more fascinating, entertain the thought of writing a tagline that will go well with the job profile. A slogan increases the chances of getting liked by your potential clients as they find it creative.
  7. >> Give An Universal Approach: Give your DJ business such a refreshing name that will help you get a universal approach. This way, you can reach clients beyond the local boundary and gradually expand your business internationally over time.
  8. >> Protect Your Name: Keeping your business name unprotected may turn all your hard work to waste. Avoid the consequences of such a situation by securing your business name through a trademark. Take the necessary steps,  register the name, and get the copyright. The copyright will secure and protect the name from any misuse by third parties.


Q)) How Can I Make Catchy DJ Business Names?

>> First, you need to fix your mind about what type of name you want to give for your DJ business. And then you can start brainstorming ideas for creating a catchy name by exploring foreign names as that can add coolness, analyzing public preference, reading motivational speeches, etc.

Q)) What Should I Name My DJ Business?

>> Rather than choosing a good name, choose a name that goes well with your type of business. A name that can make people more focused and attracted to your business. People often find simple, catchy, unique, short names interesting.

So you too can try these formulas for coming up with a nice DJ business name.

Wedding DJ Business Names

  1. Hard Beats
  2. DJ Wizard18
  3. Spartan
  4. Dj Party
  5. Zap Production
  6. Steel Fingers
  7. TeenBoost
  8. Del Popolo
  9. DJ Moondust
  10. DJ Limitless
  11. The Scratch Lab
  12. Fantom
  13. DJ Fingerbang
  14. Hip Hop the DJ
  15. Musik Corporation
  16. DJ Bliss
  17. Just Married!
  18. DJ IceBeats
  19. Derbana
  20. The Disco King
  21. EvilKiss
  22. Hot Wax DJ Service

Best DJ Names Ideas

  1. DJ Tony
  2. SpireSpite
  3. DancehallDJ
  4. DJ Clamor
  5. Clubbing 4 Real
  6. DJ Stretch
  7. DJ Refresh
  8. Hexabeat
  9. DJ Toaster
  10. The Beat goes on
  11. The VJ Machine
  12. JavaDots
  13. Dark Sparklz DJ
  14. Mystical Mixology
  15. Awesome DJ
  16. Dj Poopie Pual
  17. Dj Yorkbang
  18. Siellest
  19. Wicked good time
  20. Atoms
  21. DJ Jamboree
  22. DJ Matrix

DJ Company Names Ideas

  1. DJ Pinch
  2. DJ Martha
  3. Dj iron Buddy
  4. Musical Love Co.
  5. DJ Apollo
  6. DJ Connection
  7. Pizzaiolo
  8. DJ Madness
  9. Era-Defining
  10. Disco King Dj
  11. Dj Dimention
  12. The Beats Prodigy
  13. DJ Paragon
  14. DJ Disco
  15. All American DJ Company
  16. Mobile Beat
  17. Skull DJ
  18. DJ Tumult
  19. The Music Guys
  20. DJ Cobra
  21. DJ Fiddlesticks
  22. DJ Soiree
  23. DJ Automatik

Funny DJ Names List

  1. Adult Diaper
  2. Robbien
  3. Dj Aurabang
  4. Yangbang
  5. DJ First Dance Mixer
  6. Dj Prono bear
  7. DJ Tempo
  8. DJ Prodigy
  9. DJ Candy
  10. DJ Chameleon
  11. Tater Tots
  12. DJ Mellow Moods
  13. OutrageousDJs
  14. All That Events DJ Up
  15. Dj DryCrew
  16. DJ sl4sh
  17. Sweetiepie Sensation
  18. Party Rockin’ DJs
  19. Dj FeelBest
  20. DJ Wedding Favorites
  21. Pointe Digital
  22. The DJ Company

Sound Company Names

  1. SoundPro DJ
  2. The Professor
  3. DJ Magnetic
  4. DJ Burnie
  5. DJ Relentless
  6. DJ Magic
  7. Dj Fropbloat
  8. Boogie Nights DJ Service
  9. DJ Particle
  10. Tropical Heat Wave DJs
  11. Let’s Beat
  12. Clubbing 4 Real
  13. DJ Apex
  14. DJ Mellow Jazz
  15. Dj PixelBeats
  16. Kicking Mixes
  17. DJ Arrow
  18. DJ Tempest
  19. Million Dollar DJ
  20. DJ Miami Vice


Thanks for being with us till the end. And so that you know, the entertainment biz is already a favorite zone for swaying away all the tensions, and tiredness.

And on top of that, if you provide a cool DJ business name, your clients will find that refreshing and exciting. It will also help you make your own reputation in the market. So, do not give it rushes, take your time and choose wisely.

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