Candle Company Names: 211+ Best Names For Candle Business

Making candles is among the simplest businesses to start. From designing and creating candles to promoting them, this company requires little upkeep. Candles may be found in numerous homes around the world. So, you need a catchy, unique, creative candle company name ideas.

So, you’ve chosen to enter the candle production sector and are seeking original and exquisite candle business names to encourage and assist you in naming your company. Candle’s pleasant aromas provide a great deal of happiness to the lives of their owners.

Candles are a fundamental necessity, hence if you’ve got a concept for a wonderful item that may provide quality, all that need is a little amount of start-up capital and a creative mind. Because candles come with a long lifetime and are necessary for all types of households.

Here are some suggestions for interesting names for a candle company, in case you’re thinking about going into business for yourself. So, let’s take a look at some of the finest candle company names, covering both candle shops and candle production brands.

So just take a look.

Candle Company Names

Here are some collections of the best names for a candle company.

  • Famous Candle
  • Virginia Candle
  • ScentsnMore
  • Ink & Peat
  • Perfect Match
  • Vision Candles
  • Misty Candle Co.
  • Blue Mercury
  • Rainbow candle
  • Star Candle
  • Melted Wax
  • Elegant Radiance
  • Candle Cottage
  • House of Intuition
  • Circle Shadow
  • Cool Candles
  • Perfect Wick
  • Soft Serenity
  • Whiffs of God
  • The Watering Odour
  • Olde City Candle Co.
  • Sensuous Smells

Candle Company Names Ideas

There are some collections of good candle company names ideas and suggestions.

  • Madewell
  • Classy Twist
  • The Rich
  • Burn Brites
  • Starlight
  • Gentle Glow
  • Pink Cupcake
  • Magic Moon
  • InchCandle
  • The Lucky
  • Rejuvenation
  • Earth Gifts
  • Two Guys
  • Carnauba
  • RomanCandle
  • EarthGlo
  • Wax Quest
  • Bliss Nation
  • Yoga Aroma

Creative Candle Company Names

There are some collections of catchy and cool candle company names list.

  • Candle Kids
  • Just Candles
  • Polish Group
  • Beeswax Spot
  • Candlewic
  • Wax Secrets
  • MildAroma
  • Flame & Wax
  • Pink Cupcake
  • Swan Creek
  • Mad Glimmer
  • Wick Pick
  • Yo Soy Candle
  • Citizen Supply
  • Well-Wicked
  • Match to Flame
  • The Thick
  • Glowry Candles

Candle Business Names

Here are some collections of the best candle business names.

  • Kai & Co.
  • Soy Delicious
  • Well-Wicked
  • Trusted Twinkle
  • Gentle Glow
  • Candle Creators
  • Fabulous Flame
  • Candle Caddy
  • Golden Flames
  • Wick Pick
  • Wax Bling
  • Family Candle
  • City Candles
  • Homestead Candles
  • Four R Candles
  • Classy Twist
  • Wicks & More
  • Purple Broom
  • Knight Glow

Unique Candle Company Names

There are some collections of best candle company names ideas.

  • Ramona Aroma
  • Root Candles
  • Kandle Queens
  • Clever Candles
  • Illuminations
  • Candle Couture
  • Ramona Aroma
  • Fragrance De-Lite
  • Candle Royalty
  • Cup of Ceremony
  • Soy Delicious
  • Fruity Festives
  • Candle Light
  • Stick Candle
  • Dreams & Rainbows
  • Red Prints Pro
  • The Candlestick
  • Candle Queens

Candle Brand Names

Here are some collections of best candle brand name ideas.

  • We Know Wax
  • Grace Direct
  • Candles Luminere
  • Twinkle Time
  • The Candle Carvers
  • The Lucky Cndle
  • Wicks n’ More
  • Cup of Ceremony
  • Falling into Place
  • GlowQuest
  • Dreams & Rainbows
  • The Candle Company
  • Virginia Candle
  • Trusted Twinkle
  • Candelvana Candles
  • Urban Burn
  • Aroma Naturals
  • Mole Hollow
  • Village Candles
  • Good Smells
  • Paddywax Candle Bar

Candle Business Names Ideas

Here are some collections of best and good candle business names.

  • Sweet Cakes
  • Odour Collective
  • Wooly Wax
  • Creative Candles
  • Gamboa Aroma
  • Circle Shadow
  • Melted Candles
  • Feather and Wax
  • Family Candle
  • Bullfrog Candles
  • Adorable Candle
  • Bedford Basket
  • The Agreeable
  • Fragrant Jewels
  • Candle Code
  • Melted Candles
  • Flame Game
  • Twikle Candle
  • Maria Candle
  • Dio Candle Company

Candle Shop Names

There are some collections of best candle shop names ideas.

  • Salty Stink
  • The Flaming Candle
  • Unique candle
  • Circle E Candles
  • LuxyLum Candles
  • Waxy Wonders
  • Aroma Group
  • All About Candles
  • LAFCO Candles
  • The Smoky
  • The Paschal Cd
  • Arizona Aroma
  • Everlasting candle
  • The Crafty Candle
  • Candle Cabinets
  • Skye Candle
  • Set The Mood
  • The Unique Candle

Best Candle Business/Company Names

Here are some collections of the best candle company/business names.

  • Acrid Ambrein
  • Waxmax candle
  • LoneCandle
  • Great Bear Wax Co.
  • Star candle
  • Candle Collective
  • Bee Healthy Candles
  • Bridgewater Candles
  • Even Better Scents
  • Flicker to Flame
  • Flame wax candle
  • Great Bear Wax Co.
  • Sensuous Smells
  • Beeswax Candle Co.
  • Incredible Candles
  • Old West Candle Company
  • Ordinary Beeswax
  • Simple Body Products
  • Inner Flick Candles
  • Athenian Candle Co.

Funny Candle Company Names

Here are some collections of funny names for a candle company.

  • Thumbwick Candles
  • TemptingAroma
  • Well Whirl Candles
  • Shorties Candles Co.
  • Lucca Great Finds
  • Empire Candle Co.
  • Blue Mercury
  • Waxmax candle
  • Brighter candle
  • Classy Candles
  • Colorful Candles
  • Bee Lucia Wellness
  • Renegade Candles
  • Rustic Candle Co.
  • Time to Twinkle
  • Zip Pop Candle Co.
  • Feather and Wax
  • The Lucky Candle
  • Big Dipper Wax Works

Candle Company Name Generator

Here are some collections of candle names generator.

  • Bedtime candle
  • Pure Light Candle Studios
  • Collective Candle
  • Exclusive Candle
  • Citrus Blossom Soy Candles
  • Better Homes and Garden
  • Oceans Boutique Inc.
  • Brookstone Candle
  • Consecrated Candlestick
  • Bright Lights Candle Co.
  • Gurley Candle Company
  • Spicy Scent Collective
  • Acrid Aftertaste
  • Purple Broom Company
  • Botanica Renacer
  • Olfactory Perception Co
  • The Perfect Candle

Candle Company Names

How To Name Your Candle Company

Here are some of the most useful tips which you can apply to choose a candle company name that will be unique as well as appealing.

Research And Make A List Of Names:

Before choosing any name go through extensive research. Use the internet properly and make a list of some interesting and appealing names. When you’re done re-check those names and make a final list.

Mix Words And Make A Unique And Catchy Name:

After preparing a list of names it is the moment to mix and match words. You must choose a term from one concept and imaginatively incorporate it into another concept. This idea will help you to create a unique and catchy name.

Select A Name Following A Character:

Numerous tiny enterprises got inspired by iconic characters from novels and films. So, they named their candle companies following a character from a film. This trick helped them to expand in a few years. You can also apply this trick.

Select An Easy-to-recall Candle Company Name:

Every company functions online, therefore you will need to as well. If your company names are difficult to spell and difficult to remember, you risk losing many customers. If your company name is simple to recall, customers will go directly to your homepage.

Eliminate The Inappropriate Names from your list:

You have to occasionally check the list you have prepared. When you think that some concepts are not interesting, you should eliminate them. By doing so, you will be able to choose only catchy and appropriate names.

Decide What Kind Of Candle Company Name You Want:

It is essential to understand the feelings that your candle company’s name will create in the buyers. Decide whether you would like it to be professional, humorous, imaginative, fanciful, or simple.

Don’t Choose A Location-based Name:

When choosing your candle company name you must consider whether or not your business will offer services abroad. If you are targeting an international market then don’t choose a location-based name.

Select A Name That Comes With A Story:

Friendly user interactions are beneficial for your company. And a name that tells a tale might provide a starting point. So, select a candle company name that comes with a story for your customers.

Check Trademark Availability After Selecting A Name:

It will stop you from wasting efforts and funds on an unavailable mark. It gives you the opportunity and freedom to change your mark before starting your new company.

Design A Logo After Choosing A Name:

A properly designed logo invokes confidence by verifying your expertise and encourages visitors to stay. It describes you and your company and how it will benefit your customers.

Create A Tagline For Your Candle Company:

Taglines help define a brand by highlighting an edge or benefit that it has over other similar products. So, create a tagline after selecting a candle company name.

Take Feedback From Your Family Members:

After selecting a name, take feedback from your family members about the name you have selected. Their honest opinions will help you to come out with the best candle company name.


How Do You Find A Unique Candle Company Name?

First of all, research and prepare a list of names. Then follow the aforementioned tips to find a unique name.

What Should Not Do When Naming A Candle Company?

You should not think from your side only. You have to think from your customer’s side and select a name that will be appealing to him/her.

Should a logo include your company’s name?

Inserting your company’s name in the logo is not necessary. Yet, if you can then use it in the logo. It will grab the attention of your customers.

Final Words:

We hope, Now you have an idea of how to come up with a unique as well as catchy name. You can also take the best candle company name from the list we have given below. Thanks for reading this article. Best of luck with your new company!