855+ Cable Company Names To Attract Your New Customers

Are you searching for some collections of Cable Company Names? Well, you are in the right place. If you are thinking of running a cable company then you are taking the right path.

It would not be completely wrong to say that today’s world is running on the internet because of the adaptation of digital technology in every possible business sector.

However, before starting the business, you need to take some effective business strategy, and picking a meaningful and best cable company name idea is one of them.

Owning a cable company, you can offer services like phone, internet connection, television connection, etc to your customers.

This is one of the most secure and growthful business sectors. Over time, with an impactful business motto and good services, you can increase your subscriber numbers and see a good profit in your business.

Nonetheless, the path to that success depends upon how you choose your business plans. For example, choosing a nice and eye-catching cable company name and also some cable business names can give your business a positive boost.

However, people often find it hard to pick an apt name and that is why, we have come up with this article.

Let’s check it out.

Cable Company Names

  • WOW! Cable: Using a few energetic words in the company name positively impacts the subscribers’ minds, and thus you can increase your customer numbers. ‘WOW! Cable’ is a nice example that perfectly fits such criteria.
  • The Cable United
  • Insert Cable Company
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Monster Cable
  • Beam Of Light
  • Cable Express
  • Flash Cable Company
  • Monster Cable
  • One Cable Company
  • Elloten Wires
  • The Wire Guys
  • Angel Cable Company
  • Bluebird Cable
  • The Cable United

Cable Company Names.1

Cable Names Ideas

  • ConnectOne Cable: Simple words help people read the company name easily and memorize it without much effort. This also makes it easier for them to recommend you to others.
  • Dish Network
  • Ultra Cable Inc
  • Villa Cable Network
  • Sky Broadband
  • Light Speed Cable Company
  • Rise Cable Connect
  • Cable Media Box
  • South Cable Network
  • Train Cable Network
  • Family Electrical
  • MSG Network
  • Shoreline Networks
  • World of Entertainment
  • Digital Cables
  • Plus Cable Connectivity

Cable Business Name Ideas

  • Cablevision: Such a unique name idea can impress your customers on the first go. It is a fusion of ‘Cable’, the service that you provide, and the ‘Vision’, that your service will help the customers acquire in their life.
  • Sky Broadband
  • High Voltage
  • Bratt Cable Centre
  • Elite Tv Mounting
  • Good Guy Cable
  • Xtreme Cable
  • Forward Networking
  • Zing Cable
  • Park Connect Network
  • Essen Cables
  • Beat Cable Network
  • Bright Cable
  • Big Cable Network
  • Magma cable Co
  • Superfast Cable

Cable Company Name Ideas List

  • National Network: Picking a name like this one here, will help your company gain recognition from every corner of the country. It will also help expand your business nationally, creating a long customer list.
  • Cable Cellar
  • Whitney’s Cable Co
  • Rusty Cable
  • Marcus Cable Network
  • The Cord Shoppe
  • Electric Avenue
  • Berry Cable Network
  • Bridge Cable
  • Golden Cable Network
  • Just Cable Systems
  • Wire World
  • Trippers Cable Co
  • UltraNet TV
  • Mad Cable Network

All Cable Company Names

  • SpeedX Cable: Deliver messages regarding your business and services through your company name by choosing a name that is closely related to your business profile, just like this name suggestion here.
  • Mark Cable Connections
  • Showtime Networks
  • Tremendous Cable Company
  • LightningStream
  • Sky Broadband
  • Expert Cable Network
  • Future Vision Cable
  • Mount Cable Network
  • Olive Cable Company
  • Amazing Speed
  • Quality Cable
  • Oasis Cable Network
  • PrimeStreamCo
  • Fox Cable Connect
  • Family Electrical
  • Monster Cable Services

Internet Cable Company Names

  • Stream-Free Cable: Name your company in such a way that, it can, at the same time, also reflect the quality and facility of your services. So that people can waste less time searching and quickly approach you.
  • Dish Network
  • String Cable Connect
  • Azzona Wires
  • Avid Cable
  • One Cable Company
  • Star Edge
  • Secure Connection
  • Brunox Cables
  • Fox Cable Connect
  • Neon Deal Cable
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Alpha Cable
  • Cable Express
  • The Cable Buddies
  • Bargain Electric
  • Triggers Cable

Electric Wire Business & Company Names Ideas

  • HMD Cable: Creating a company name with the owner’s name initials has become a popular trend now and many people have got success through it. So you can try it too.
  • Rex Networking
  • ABC Cable Network
  • True Buy Cable
  • Viste grip Cables
  • Micro Cable Network
  • Spire Cable Point
  • Brunox Cables
  • Supratec Cables
  • Kabel Solutions
  • HeritageVision Cable
  • Glezz Cable
  • Digital Cables
  • America West Cable
  • Avid Cable
  • Superfast Television

Cable Company Name Generator

  • Elite Cable: The words you choose for creating the company name carry great value in impressing your customers. Rich and sophisticated words, as used in this name idea, help in catching genuine customers.
  • Oak Cable Centre
  • Sinful Cable Connections
  • Hyfun Cables
  • Instant Cable
  • Adexxin valve
  • Awesome Cables
  • Trigger Cable Point
  • Cable Market
  • Flow Motion Cables
  • Cable Cellar
  • Palace Cable Connectivity
  • Core Cable Services
  • Cevuvox Cables
  • Cevuvox Cables
  • Wire Choice Cables
  • Amped Cable Co.

Cable Company Names.3

How Can You Turn Your Dull Cable Company Name Into An Attractive One?

One can think, what’s there in a name? Well, there’s everything in a name. The name of a company is the very first thing that your customers will come across and have an impression on.

So, how your customers will react on seeing the name, and whether they will approach you or not, depends to a great extent, solely on the business name you select.

And that goes for cable company names too. So, if you are in the middle of picking up your company names, then make sure your name has the below things.

1) Use Unique & Meaningful Words:

What words you brainstorm for creating your company name can greatly impact your business growth. As, initially your customers will know you only through your company name. So, always try to pick up positive, unique, and meaningful words.

2) Put A Tagline:

Going only with just the name has now become old-fashioned; instead, add up a catchy slogan that goes well with the company name. This will help you emphasize more the business name and woo more potential customers.

3) Ask For Feedback From Others:

Selecting the best name for a company is a tough job. People often get confused between two or more equally preferable names.

So, it is better to ask others for their opinions or feedback on your selected names and thus you can have the perfect name.

4) Create An Official Logo:

Having a logo is like having the face of your company in people’s minds. A logo can act as an advertisement tool as well as your brand standard. It can also come in handy in expanding your business beyond the regional border.

5) Trademark The Name:

Make the name completely yours through registration. After finalizing the company name, it is the second most important step. Go through the trademark process and have the copyright ready for the name as soon as possible.

Also here we have some special names collections list. Let’s check it.

Best Cable Brand Names

  1. City Center Cable: Naming your business after the locality is a trick of gaining local customers and with time turning them into loyal and long-lasting ones.
  2. Chaplin Cable
  3. Powerful Cables
  4. Beyond Cable
  5. Antique Vision Cable
  6. Cheerful Empire
  7. Thunder mine
  8. A&T Cable Cable
  9. Insert Cable Company

Funny Names For Cable Company

  1. Infinity Cable: Assure your potential subscribers of the standard and bufferless service that you provide with such a meaningful name idea.
  2. Mad Star Wires
  3. Triggers Dot Cable
  4. Fun Center
  5. Mqax Cable Company
  6. Cable Time
  7. White Way Cables
  8. Long Cable
  9. Golden Age Cable
  10. Casaprime Cable

Fiber Optic Company Names

  1. Cable Prime: Name your company in such a way that it acts like a tool in captivating potential customers’ attention and eventually setting their minds to explore your business more.
  2. Better Cables
  3. Gold Fox Wires
  4. Gradients Cable
  5. Classic Connection
  6. Trotbet Cables
  7. Mail Cable Network
  8. Retro Vision Cable
  9. General Cable
  10. Cable Nation

Old Cable Company Names

  1. NextGen Cable: Attract the modern and young generations towards your company by picking a name idea that gives a unique vibe of modernization like this name suggestion.
  2. Cable Byte
  3. Magma Cable Network
  4. Mormon Cables
  5. Neon Deal Wires
  6. Sensiline Wires
  7. Communication Cable
  8. Rapid Internet
  9. Casaprime Cable


Thank you for keeping up with us. Now that you know how important it is to have a great cable company name, we hope you will take more time and put more effort into selecting the best suitable word for your company name.

Every name is unique in its own essence, however, make sure that the name you choose is easy to read and utter. This will help people quickly read your company name and memorize it for a long time. Happy naming!

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