Airbnb Business Names: 198+ Best Airbnb Company Names Ideas

Looking for some Airbnb Business Names? If you have spaces that you want to rent out then Airbnb business is the right place to invest for you. You can take home a handsome amount starting this business, but for that, you need to find out some catchy Airbnb business names. Because a perfect trendy name can boost your business growth extraordinarily.

Airbnb is such a platform that opens doors to space owners who want to rent out their places to travelers for a short or long time staying. Airbnb which is the short form of ‘Air Bed and Breakfast’, is an American establishment that is involved with online deals for tourism lodging.

Travelers can rent an Airbnb space or room for themselves or can share it with others, the hassle-free policy of Airbnb makes it easier for both owners and travelers to book spaces. That is why doing business with Airbnb has become a popular source of side income for many.

There are plenty of successful owners who are earning just fine doing business with Airbnb, and choosing some catchy, creative, unique, best Airbnb business name ideas can make you one of them as well. A name can change the perspective of your customers, hence you should take extra care while selecting your Airbnb business names.

So don’t waste your valuable time.

Let’s go and check out our collections Airbnb business names ideas list.

Airbnb Business Names

  • Home Airbnb
  • Autumn Sunshine
  • Stipulated Lease
  • Airbnb Host Gal
  • Home Guru
  • Airbnb in India
  • Airtime Hosting
  • Amalfi Coast Trip
  • Cottage Rental
  • Leisure Airbnbs
  • Aurora
  • Nepalese Bedrooms
  • Rent Getaway
  • Airbnb Garden
  • Simply Jake
  • Autumn Hospitality
  • Home Cairbnnb
  • Holiday Cottage
  • Airbnb Adventure

Best Airbnb Business Names Ideas

  • Airbnb by Bob
  • Rent Home Holiday
  • Lay Your Head
  • Tenants Bedz
  • Calm Chaos
  • My Home Airline
  • Apartment Over
  • Tenants Pro
  • Air B and B Rental
  • Airbnb Center
  • Travel Hack
  • Rent & Relaxation
  • Holiday Base
  • Urban Landlady
  • Autumn Sunshine
  • Airbnb North Shore

Creative Airbnb Business Name Ideas

  • Be My Guest
  • Estates Space
  • Amazing Home Stays
  • Holiday Rentals
  • Demented Rental
  • Airlock Guesthouse
  • Airbnb Getaway
  • Small Charge
  • Airlock Paradise
  • Get Into Travel
  • The Lonely Charge
  • Apartment Finder
  • Airlock and Safety
  • Paradise Haven
  • Sleep With & Home
  • My Roommax
  • The First Society
  • Vacation Home Rental

Airbnb Company Name Ideas List

  • Bedding Cheaply
  • Guest Shelter
  • Lovely Arrival
  • Resort Cabin Rental
  • House in My Hom
  • Airbnb Melbourne
  • Hostivacious
  • Camping Head
  • Lovely Guesthouse
  • Urban Lifestyle
  • Apartment Finder
  • Host Me Airbnb
  • Special Rental
  • At Home Abroad
  • Lusive Stay Deluxe
  • Houseboat Business
  • Home Stay Inn
  • Rent on Vacation
  • All Hosting
  • Holiday Deerfield

Cool Airbnb Business Names

  • Hosting Spot
  • The Home Flight
  • Bacon Accommodation
  • Sleep Cheaply
  • On the Go Vacations
  • Instant Stays
  • Dream 2 Bedroom
  • Chic Hideaway
  • Apartment Finder
  • Airbnb Adventure
  • Handsomelodge
  • The Rental Avis Shop
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Specialhomestays
  • Road Traveler’s Stop
  • Apartment Grill
  • Special Hosting
  • Treehouse Center

Airbnb Business Names Suggestions

  • Shelter Snap
  • At Your Service!
  • Number One Host
  • AZ Housecat
  • Home Exchange
  • The Rustic File
  • Escape Vacation
  • Apartment Springs Hour
  • The Suitebnb
  • Leisure Airbnbs
  • Local by Air Rental
  • Reduced Renters
  • Comfort Home
  • Rent Your Space
  • Excessive Renters
  • Secret Hostel
  • Get Into Travel
  • Airbnb Central
  • The Free Rented

Airbnb Company Names

  • Home & Room
  • Story Stick Group
  • Home Handler
  • Black Lake Cabin
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Fantasia Lending
  • LowestRental
  • Airbnb for Home
  • Shelter Snap
  • Airdrie Hostel
  • Number One Host
  • Empty Nesters
  • Paradise Haven
  • Kantin Group
  • The Superhost
  • Visitor Trading
  • Host Me Airbnb
  • Airbrite AirSwap
  • Resort Cabin Rental

Airbnb Business Names

Luxury & Beach Airbnb Names

  • My Room Spot
  • Home With Me
  • The Citi Trip Crew
  • Special Drop
  • Roll with Airbnb
  • Holiday Rentals
  • Homey House
  • Maui Beach Retreat
  • The Guest House
  • Rooms To Me
  • Escape Vacation
  • Go Time Travel Hosting
  • My Bungalow
  • Cute Rural Getaway
  • Home Lodge
  • Budget Onebnb
  • Home Stay Inn
  • Host A Residence
  • Stay at My Place

Unique Airbnb Business Names

  • Mint Biltmore
  • Camp on Arrival
  • Rent on Vacation
  • Apartment Bonfire
  • Bedding by The Hour
  • Unique Lodging
  • Blissful Getaway Homes
  • Camping in Style
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Camelback Airbnb
  • The Small Hosting
  • On a Roll Inn
  • Better than Home
  • Vacation Home Flipper
  • A Place to Go
  • Camp Home Away
  • Airdrie Interboard
  • LuxembourgLink
  • Forget the Hotel
  • Rental a Vacation Home
  • Citi on the Danforth

Airbnb Business Name Generator

  • Rent on Vacation
  • Laughable Frog
  • Curbmax Host
  • Home Sharing Service
  • Airbnb Inc The
  • The Holiday House
  • Beachfront Booking
  • House To Stay
  • Holiday on Wheels
  • Airlock and Safety
  • DreamHost Solutions
  • Airbnb-Friendly Space
  • Borgata Ristorante
  • Be My Guest
  • BnbHosting Czechia
  • Anchor Hosting
  • Story Stick Group
  • Budget Suites Suites
  • Bunbury Airports
  • The Place for You
  • The Vacationer
  • The Family Center
  • Esther’s Home
  • Hilton Madison South

How Can You Get A Perfect Name For Your Airbnb Business?

From ‘what is in a name to ‘there is everything in a name, the time has moved on very fast. Today, a name can have a high impact on how people will see your business. It has the power to make your marketplace bring down as well as boost high. So, keep the below tips in mind while you are on it.

1) Keep It Relatable:

Keeping your Airbnb business names empathetic to that of your business purpose is something that will help draw your customers more. A relatable name makes it easier for customers to find your space fast. It also helps people in remembering it effortlessly. So, when you are thinking of giving your business a name, then try to make it closely attached to traveling or staying as much as possible.

2) Take Help From the Internet:

Often happens that when people try to figure out something, their minds remain blank for a while. If you are facing the same while you are in the process of finding some Airbnb business names, then don’t be tense, it is a normal symptom. Do not stress out rather take the help of the internet and read how other business owners have gone through the process.

3) Go For A Logo:

The process of giving your business the right start does not just end with picking some ideal Airbnb business names, you should think out of the box too for earning high. Creating a logo fits right here. Go for a logo along with a suitable name, as a logo can be greatly influential in terms of advertisement tools and it can give your business an international approach.

4) A Tagline Would Be Good:

Supporting your business name with a tagline can be effective in getting the attention of the customers as well as young netizens. Make sure your tagline is trendy and catchy. Taglines can change the perception of customers when there are many other service providers of the same concept.

5) Seek Others’ Opinions:

Whether you have already decided upon a certain Airbnb business name or are still in the process, taking the opinion of others may prove helpful anyway. Getting feedback can sharpen your idea and lead you to your perfect name.

6) Create A Website:

Irrespective of their size, every big or small business has now online platforms where they can interact with their customers and vice versa. As just an offline businessman, you can miss out on a big portion of genuine customers who remains active online. So creating an online ‘.com’ domain for your business can help you maximize your customers’ number.

7) Trademark Is A Must:

The most important part of beginning a business is, to register your decided name to get the copyright it. Trademarking your business name makes you the legal owner of the name barring any third party from using it illegally.


Q: Should I Give My Airbnb a Name?

Ans)>> Yes, a suitable name helps you in creating a brand reputation in your customers’ minds and the marketplace as well.

Q: Which Name Is Best for Airbnb Business?

Ans)>> Any meaningful name that is catchy and relatable to your business and would serve the purpose can be categorized as a good name.

Q: Is Running Airbnb a Business?

Ans)>> Yes, running an Airbnb fall under running a business as the monthly income can exceed the minimum wage of an individual.

Q: Should I Copyright My Airbnb Business Logo?

Ans)>> One must get a copyright done on their Airbnb business logo for avoiding any unpleasant inconveniences.

Q: Is Starting an Airbnb Worth It?

Ans)>> Yes, you can earn a handsome amount from it.

Q: Can I Sue a Topic Company for Using My Name?

Ans)>> Yes if your name already has a trademark then you can proceed following the legal procedure.


In this article, the usual obstacles that one may face while naming Airbnb business and the important facts that they need to be careful of are discussed. Taking a thorough look at this will help you sort out perfect Airbnb business names.

Finally thanks for visiting here. Have a good day. See you soon.

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